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Men Metal and Machine's - Cabin Fever - Visalia

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  • Men Metal and Machine's - Cabin Fever - Visalia

    Men Metal and Machine's - Cabin Fever - Visalia

    I went to it on Saturday (I coud only get a room at the hotel for Friday night).

    This was the first event I've been to and since it was so close, I just couldn't not go. It was well worth the trip and I'd say there were several hundred people (if not a thousand) in the main room at any given time, not counting displayers.

    I had the pleasure of talking with Neil in person and now he has a face - hello again. I also picked up Rudy Kouhoupt's first book and got it signed - very cool. I also sat in on the session of him explaining the 5-cyl engine currently in HSM. I couldn't imagine a nicer day spent than with him in his shop. I also met a few guys from some the the yahoo groups.

    Most of the displayers were very nice and happy to talk and a few only seemed to want to talk to modelers in "their" particular area of interest, but that's what I expect. We all have different personalities.

    I was surprisied at how loud the room was and after a few hours there was quite a layer of smoke from the IC engines.

    I talked to the rep from and was joyed when he said they were considering openning an outlet in Stockton, CA in maybe 6 months. That's only 30 minutes from me - I hope it comes off. I talked with Chris Wood of for a few minutes - he was pretty busy - but he had a video going of a soon to come out quick change gear box for the mini-lathes - yahoo!(&#153 .

    It's also quite of a blur in memory. There was a lot for a first timer to absorb and next time I'll take a video along with a still camera but I really enjoyed it.

    Now explaining it to family members is a different matter.
    Q: What was there?
    A: Complex hand made engines that run.

    Q: What else do they do?
    A: They work/run.

    Q: and that's it?
    A: what do you mean "that's it?". They run... dozen's, hundred's, thousands of tiny hand made parts and they actually run... go away


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    Aren't family members wonderful! I got a sister in law who thinks a machinist is a lesser form of auto mechanic
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      Going to one of these shows sort of makes you want to go home and make something. Doesn't it?
      You will always have the people that say,"Yeah great, but it only sits there and runs."
      I was at a show about a month ago with my models. One of the guys at the show was amazed at my 1/4 bore x 7/32 stroke steam engine. He brought another guy over to see it. He said to the guy, "You're a machinist. Build one of these!" To which the machinist responded, "Thats easy to do. No problem." I'll be looking for his engine next year.