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Webcam As Center/Edge Finder?

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  • Webcam As Center/Edge Finder?

    I know I saw a program for doing this a while back, as well as information on modifying the camera and mounting it to the machine. Possibly some info on which cams are good for this, at low cost, as well.

    I can't remember where I saw it, and searching seems to bring up all kinds of useless (to me) webcam software. Any of you know what I'm talking about, where to find it?


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    Google centrecam


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      Here you go doctor

      I was just looking this up today oddly enough. Great minds thinking alike. I remember something about the Microsoft Lifecam and used the forum search for that. It's not totally useless.


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        Thanks guys. The centrecam is what I remembered (the other stuff is even better). I just picked up 1 of those cheap Logiteck cameras from ebay for $12 to give it a try. If I like it, it'll probably get upgraded to the Logitech 9000 (actually probably just make a second unit).

        I've currently got a friends Smithy 1240 CNC in my basement, and I've added an accessory mount that clamps around the end of the "quill". I'm hoping to mount/align a camera on that, and be able to locate edges without removing the tooling from the spindle. Would have come in very handy a few days ago when I was making a heatsink bracket for a socket AM2/AM3 CPU. Switching tooling and locating the edge for each side was a drag.


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          Stick that in your lathe chuck and use it for getting your cutting tools dead on center height and also see how the tool angles are presented to the work
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