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Yantai machine tool Rotary Table HELP!!!!!

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  • Yantai machine tool Rotary Table HELP!!!!!

    Well I have that import one from enco . So the problem I have is what oil goes in it and how do i fix the back lash. I have no paper work on it, that is because I got it for free and would like to make it work Brett

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    try to get a manual from enco, Brett, before you hurt someone If I had one without any info., I would carefully open it up, see how it works and how it's lubed. If it's greased, I would remove all traces of grease and use EP. Oil, I'd cleanit up real well and use Mobil1 or machine oil (I'm ducking down below the flamers reach now).
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      I have a 6" Phase II HV from Enco. I filled it with spindle oil. I saw something just yesterday (I think it was on Enco's website) that said use spindle oil or way oil in these units. I looked yesterday for the manual that came with my Phase II thinking it might give some insight on how to adjust the backlash but I have mis-filed it. I will keep looking and if I find it will let you know.



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        I filled mine with way oil under recommendation of someone.. seems liked a good oil for something very slow moving..
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