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Sherline threading?

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  • Sherline threading?

    got a small problem with this threading kit.

    On the fixed shaft "15430" there is a small hole, is this for one of the sheetmetal screws? The fixed shaft is the shaft that extends from the left side and conects to the leadscrew via the sliding shaft, operated by the engagement lever.

    I tried one of the litte screws but it was to long, but very easy to cut off, of course...

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    A 10-32x3/8" socket head screw should be used on the #15430 shaft. (There should be 3 such screws, so I would make sure you didn't use up a 3/8" screw somewhere else, such as on the support arms.)


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      I'm talking abaot the hole that is diagonal, not the hole on the end.

      What drives the gearwheel on this shaft? On the spindle there is a small sheetmaetel screw for this.


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        That is a place for a small pin. Don't know where yours went but that's what mine has.
        hope this helps if it doesn't check out sherlines web site with enough snooping you can find answers to most problems.
        have fun


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          I thougt so! I made my own!