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Thanks Ken Garver!!!

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  • Thanks Ken Garver!!!

    Got my copy of the Connelly book today. Appreciate your efforts. Let us know how it turns out financially after the dust settles and hopefully the group can make you whole.


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    Hi All,

    I'll keep everyone informed as to how this all shakes out!

    In the mean time enjoy those books and scrape all of those great old $25.00 (or free) machines back to life!

    Regards, Ken


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      Ken has done an admirable job on this book deal including loosing some money. I chipped in, others have, but we need to keep Ken happy and get him paid up tp date on all of his efforts.



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        Ken: Exactly how much in the hole are you ?


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          Hi All,

          As it stands right now I'm only out about $30 (actually $34 for all of you bean counters out there!). That is less than one book. Not bad for over 200 books in the first and second lot!

          HOWEVER, the third and last lot of 20 books, making a grand total of over 225 books, went out and I have gotten very little feedback on them. The ones who ordered their books by USPS Priority Mail should be getting them by the end of this week. I've already gotten three Emails from those who have received their books on the east coast. I'm REAL glad to hear that too! If you want to Email me that you got your book please do BUT PLEASE include your state, Province or country. That way we can track the REAL travel time vs. distance.

          It MAY take as long as 60 days for ALL of the books shipped by either Media Mail or Bound Printed Matter (i.e. Book Rate), here in the United States, to get to their destinations. At least thats what happened to one book here in the US to turn up from the first lot! I've found the United States Post Office to be kinda sorta real extra genereous in their estimation of MM and BPM shipping times.

          The ones sent to the Netherlands and the UK via surface rate also seem to require at least 60 days to arrive too.

          FYI, the problems that I had the with the first lot (150+ books) were three books shipped either Media Mail of Bound Printed Matter sent to the mid-west area of the United States (Missouri and 'way back in to Wisconsin as I recall. One person ordered two) and not insured. I replaced them and stood good for the loss (about $180 with the shipping costs). I have asked everyone to insure them this time and most did. I charged an extra $1.00 to all takers of the second lot (about 45 books) to help me cover the short fall. I also said that if they didn't insure their book I could not garuntee their replacement if lost. I'm not a rich man.

          The problem, as I see it, is that by the time all of the "bookies" have gotten their books everyone is happy except for the one or two people who did NOT receive theirs so it is "old news" for everyone else. That is only natural I guess.

          Now having said all of that I got extra $$ from England, Australia, Canada, the US, Ireland and Scotland last time to offset my losses. If I forgot your country please forgive me. Its been over a year since we started this and I've forgotten some of the details. Many thanks to all who contributed. I'm much oblidged to each and everyone. FYI, two people even sent me $$ who were following this thread and never even ordered a book! Now that REALLY amazed me and I thank you too!

          What I found really interesting is that all cash, sent to me in a plain brown envelope and even a jewel case from the UK arrived just fine! I also got cash from Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Holland, Scotland and the good 'ole U.S. of A. with no loss at all! I guess that our postal service can ship it in but not out!

          For those who may want to help my address is:

          Ken Garver
          304 Monore Ave.
          Wyckoff, New Jersey 07481-1956
          United States of America

          Regards, Ken


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            I received my copy on 10/6 in CT. Thank you for your good effort.



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              You were the top book on the pile! Thanks for the feed back.



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                I've still not recieved mine. Please, please tell me it did go out priority mail w/ insurance. Is anyone else on the west coast who requested the priority mail option still awaiting their book order?



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                  Is there anyone else who requested priority shipment of their book who is still awaiting delivery? How long should I wait before giving it up for lost and trying to get reimbursed from insurance?



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                    Hey Ken I started reading and scraping and forgot to e-mail you. Got mine in NY about two weeks ago! Sat down lit up a cuban and started learning. Thanks again Ken you did a great job!!! Mike