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    My little score this weekend. I was looking for a second studio type strobe. I had a Bowens Prolight 82 500w/s. Looked at craigslost and found a Photogenic Powerlight 1250 for $250. Not a bad price as they are about $500 new. I talked to the guy on the phone and he said he had another broken one he would throw in for free. Sounds like a deal to me so I went and got them the next day. When I got home I popped open the bad one and checked the photoflash caps. There are two in parallel and one is shorted out. Looking closer I can see the cap vented through the side of the can. So to test it I took out the bad cap and installed a new fuse. It powered up as it should. Hit the test button and nothing. Turns out the test button is intermittant. I replaced it out of my parts bin. I talked to Photogenic today and a new cap is $40 plus $8.50 shipping. Cant beat that!

    Real nice lights. 365 feet on the guide number at 500w/s. Plus you can turn them way down to 15w/s. The modeling lamps were burned out on each but I found them cheap on ebay.

    So what does it have to do with machining? Well... I guess my future gloats will come out better lit!

    Heres a picture of a torpedo gyro that I took using the lights. Came out pretty well for just playing around.

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    Very impressive looking lights macona, never have seen any like that, and don't need to either to know that you got a real sweet deal.

    What is a torpedo gyro?

    I bet it is just what it says it is, where in the world did you find that at?



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      The gyro is out of a Mark 14 torpedo. Its what makes sure the torpedo stays on course. Initially is is spun up to speed with the gear teeth seen in the photo. Once it reaches speed the drive gear retracts and the gyro is set free. It is kept up to speed with 125psi air through channels built into the body of the gyro. On the too of the gyro (The gyro is upside down in the pic) there is a port that connects to the torpedo's air system. There is a manual for the unit here:


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        WOW! That torpedo overhaul manual is unbelievable. What a complex piece of precision machinery they were and built 70 years ago!

        I wonder why one would be overhauling a torpedo. It's not like they lived a long and fruitful life, overhauled every 2 yrs. or so for normal wear & tear. Kind of a one time use, no?

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          I have always wondered why they spec a showroom surface finish on parts like the gimbal for that gyro. Why not just leave it as cast?

          It's another example of a $200 manually operated inertial impact generator (hammer).
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