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Any info on Sheldon 10" lathe

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  • Any info on Sheldon 10" lathe

    Does anyone know any of the specs for this lathe, Catalog number L-56, Model TLWQ 10477. The only info is 10x36 quick change gears.

    From a picture I saw it looks clean.

    I was wondering the typical stuff, hs bore, standard/metric threads/ # speeds, auto feed(s), parts?

    Would this be a good lathe for a hobby person?


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    Take a look at this Sheldon Group:

    Cut and paste as necessary to get the whole URL into the address box of your browser.
    Good Luck,
    Jim Larsen


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      Unless there is another letter before the L, that lathe is a bench mounted lathe with a rear drive. Weight is probably around 700 lbs.
      The L series swing 10-1/8", 56 is 36" between centers. Headstock is MT#4, 1-1/16" hole through spindle. Spindle nose likely 1-3/4"-8. 60 threads and feeds available.
      The Sheldon is an excellent machine. Comparable in quality to South Bend or even better. It is of heavier construction then the Heavy 10. It is a very good choice for the HSM.
      If it is an XL, it is better yet, 2-1/4"-8 MT #5 spindle on that.
      Jim H.