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    Need a little advice on tool post for a 15 in. Leblond. I'm getting ready to install this lathe in our maintenance shop. It now has a BXA wedge style tool post. My question is. Would a CXA size work as well or better for this size lathe?
    I want to set it up to use indexable tooling to make it as user friendly as I can because it will be used mostly by maintenance mechanics/machinist wantabes, sorry to say, and I don't want to have to help with tool setups all the time.

    Whats the good and the bad of these size tool posts for this size lathe.
    I know these are good tool posts because I am now using a size CA on a 20 in Standard Modern, It's very handy.

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    I have a 15 in. Leblond and since I ran across it for cheap, I have a CA toolost on it.
    It's a little too big but with a little effort I still make it work fine.

    I think a CXA should be just about the perfect fit for one.

    I missed that you already have a BXA on it. Is that just way too small? If there's one on it already, I'd be tempted to just stick with that. Especially if I wasn't the one going to use it most the time. Maybe the tool slot is too small to fit common tooling?
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      Rather than matching a toolpost to a lathe's swing, the first thing to check is the compound's height below the spindle axis. So for example if you went with a BX instead of CX size, it might not be tall enough.

      There are times I wish I had a smaller toolpost, to fit into tight spots.
      Of course if you get a bigger one it's more massive and perhaps a bit more rigid.

      OK, BXA apparently works. Max shank size is 5/8, and you can get some indexable tools for that. I guess it boils down to: is it big enough?

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        I have a 15x30 Regal. Through ebay purchases, I have BXA, CXA, and CA toolposts. I leave the CXA on all the time now . . it seems just right.


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          Leblond Tool Post

          Thanks to all for the replies. I was kind of leaning toward the CXA hoping to be able to use the largest tooling possible to deal with (lesser experienced)operators.


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            I have an 11" Logan with both an AXA and a BXA. The AXA is a little too small and the BXA is a little too big.
            They both have their purpose though and between the two it works out well.
            Get the CXA for the larger tooling and use the BXA for the smaller stuff.
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              I have a 17" Leblond Regal with a BXA post and it works just fine. A CXA would be better for my 17 but the BXA holders are less expensive.

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                Leave the BXA toolpost on it.

                Leave the BXA toolpost in place. If you change to what is the more common toolpost in your shop all the production tools will migrate towards that machine and get damaged by the maintanace butchers... (sorry, buts that the way it is) If they have their own tools to work with they will learn to take care of them and production will not always be screaming/whining/complaining about those idiots in maintenance (they will really complain that way, must be someone elses fault that the tool got messed up...).

                Also keeps the maintenance tools in the maintenance shop and the production tools out of the maintenance shop.