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Older Wilton 20" VSG DP help please???

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  • Older Wilton 20" VSG DP help please???

    This is my first post here and i am excited to have found this forum.
    I bought a Wilton model 2015 20" DP and got it to my home shop about a week ago. It weighs in at well over 700 lbs so I had to use both hands to move it .
    My issue is with the quill and using a 3MT arbor that it is designed to use. I have a few 3MT-JT3 arbors I have tried to fit with a Jacobs 14A Super Chuck and the problem is that the top of the chuck hits the "cap" that threads on to the bearing retainer which holds the 3MT taper in the quill. Another way of putting it is that the 3MT arbor does not protrude out of the quill nose far enough for the chuck to mate to. I have received a manual for this machine (Anyone interested I can send a copy) and I have taken the quill out to inspect it for damage yet everything is normal. With an arbor in the quill I get .0025 run out which is much better than I expected so I feel I am missing something that must be right in front of my eyes. The Jacobs chuck is not flat on the top as some other chucks I have are and if it was I think it would mate up with the JT3 taper fine. I called Wilton but there isn't anyone there that is familiar with the made in USA machines. I refuse to buy chinese if I can help it in any way and came across this beast for $500.00 and in my area old USA machines are a rare find and bring high $ so I feel it was a great deal being that it runs and looks almost perfect with only a few very small "mistakes" in the table. Here are a few pics. Maybe it will help??
    Thanks to all.
    Hampstead, NC