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Knurling Tools Are Expensive

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  • Knurling Tools Are Expensive

    Well for awhile now I have been looking for a knurling tool. Didn't want Chinese and figured they would be junk anyway. Watched ebay and keep seeing old used American selling for $20-$30.00.

    Well I finally saw a Eagle Technologies Knurlcraft #A1-71-0750-AJ Self Centering Bump Style Knurling Tool (Made in Bath, Pa. USA), PLUS 3 sets of Made in USA (Brand name) fine/medium/course bevel knurls. All brand new, tool still sealed in the original box and knurls sealed in the original plastic.

    I checked MSC Industrial Supply Co. who sell both brands. The knurler was $285.64 and the knurls were $32.27 per set ($96.81 total). Total for all $382.64 plus shipping. I would never pay this but some one must be paying these prices.

    I paid $26.51 plus $10.00 postage. I have used it and it works perfect, first thing was to knurl a 4" diameter piece of 6061 and came out perfect. Think I got a pretty good deal for American made tools.
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    I'm not familiar with that brand. Is it a scissor knurler? Mine cost more than that...

    If it's any good, that's a typical price. I wouldn't necessarily say a "good" price though...

    We tend to get gouged in this industry due to low demand.


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      Originally posted by bobbyjim
      I had to pay $26.51 plus postage, I hope I didn't get ripped off.
      Depends how much postage you paid I suppose.



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        At those prices I would consider making one. This is one that I made and it works very well (on any diameter ) It is based on a Hemingway kit, not my own design.



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          Nice set here for not a lot of money that could easily be adapted.

          The wheels are worth more than that, no connection with the seller and if I wasn't already fixed up I'd have that in a heartbeat.
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