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Still trying to get 20" Wilton VSG answer

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  • Still trying to get 20" Wilton VSG answer

    I posted a while back about a 20" Wilton VSG DP I recently bought used. I'm hoping maybe someone will read this and have something to offer. It was made, I think, in the 80's and is a USA made model 2015 with 1hp motor. My issue is with the quill. It has a 3MT taper spindle and I have tried a few 3MT-JT3 arbors in it however my 2 Jacobs Super Chucks hit, was is called, the "mill cap" before the taper can mate inside the spindle. This "mill cap" is simply a cap with a hole in it that allows the arbor to enter the spindle. It threads on to the bearing retainer on the nose of the spindle and I am wondering if it is supplied with the DP for a use other than when just mounting a chuck in the spindle such as when using drill bits with tapers. Any ideas are more than welcome.
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    Do you have any decent sized pics? Does the MT3 taper go in behind/under the cap before installing the chuck?

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      You posted 2 days ago. Why didn't you bump your original thread?

      And post some pictures we don't need Evan's microscopes to see.


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        Hopefully these new pictures and a shot of the manual page will help??


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          Here's another pic of the machine.

          OOPS! just noticed this wasn't the same model as the OP has. (thanks to challenger )
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            I have the same machine, but I guess I missed your earlier post. As others have said, better to top an existing that start over.

            Anyway, I don't know what to tell you. I currently have a 3A (5/8 plain bearing) Jacobs on Jacobs MT3 in it. And an 18N on Jacobs MT3 arbor along with an Albrecht 1/2 on Jacobs MT3 arbor setting beside it and each used as needed. None have exhibited any problems when used in the Wilton.
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              Out of curiousity if you put in a 3MT arbor can you tell me how far from the "mill cap" does it protrude? Also does yours have the same setup where there is a cap threaded on to the spindle collar?
              The post prior shows 2 machines that are close but not the same as the 2015.


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                I'm just wondering if the purpose of this 'mill cap' threaded onto the bearing retainer is actually intended to be unscrewed to force the chuck from the taper in the spindle when removing it. In which case, has it been left in the 'down' position and can it be screwed upwards enough to allow the taper shank to seat?


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                  No the quill has a hole in it to access the tang for putting in a drift and the cap is threaded all the way on to the collar.