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  • South Bend Fourteen help

    I need some help.I bought this lathe but appears I am missing the parts to connect the draw bar pivot so it will close the collets.I also do not know what collets it uses so I can find some more.
    Any help is really appreciated.

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    You may get lucky but I think you are very unlikely to find the part(s) you need. There are not a lot of Fourteens around and very few being parted out. If anyone has one with the collet attachment, they would probably not sell a part of the attachment as that would make the rest be worth a lot less. I think the part is pretty simple and you may be able to get a decent photo or drawing to make what you need. Collets should be available once you find out the type. There are some web sites with collet dimensions but I do not recall just where. A Google search for "collet dimensions" or "collet specifications" should find that info.

    There is a Yahoo Group for the SB Fourteen which has some manuals in the Files section. Good Luck!
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      That looks like a Royal 5C collet closer. See if you can locate the brand name on it. If it is a Royal simply go here:


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        Try this


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          WOW! Thanks guys!
          That is way more than I have been able to find.
          I used it yesterday for the first time and it runs nice but needs some TLC.