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Advice on lathe dog usage ?

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  • Advice on lathe dog usage ?

    I'm going try machining between centres. I purchased some lathe dogs. Should one drill a small hole in the work piece to accommodate the dog bolt to secure the dog or not ?

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    No just tighten your bolt down onto the stock.


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      Pipeclay is correct. Sometimes it is advantageous to place a small piece of coper or other soft material between the dog screw and the workpiece to keep from marring the work.


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        I've never found a need for a hole.

        One point to watch if you're trying this for the first time, especially if you have a dead center in the tailstock. The work will expand from the heat generated by cutting so you'll need to keep adjusting the tailstock pressure. This isn't difficult, you can do it with the lathe running. Back off the tailstock ram ever-so-slightly, then tighten it up again until it feels "right." You'll know. I typically adjust it at the end of each cut, at least initially. And of course if you have a dead center you'll need a lubricant on the point.
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          You're probably using a catch plate with a pin sticking out to drive the dog. It's a nice touch to wrap an elastic band around the pin and the 'tail' of the dog, holding them in contact. Stops the pin hitting the dog when you start & stop (or take intermittent cuts).

          Another option is to buy the cranked type dogs, and chuck a short piece of round steel rod in the 3 jaw. Turn it to a 60 degree point, and you have a nice concentric live (ie. headstock) centre. Drive the cranked dog off one of the chuck jaws.

          All of the gear, no idea...