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Coolant or no coolant?

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  • Coolant or no coolant?

    I wonder since I now have my power hacksaw as well adjusted as It will allow should I use coolant when cutting or not? I have a large can of water mixed oil coolant the milk of all coolants.ANYWAY i NEVER USE COOLANTS ON MY OTHER TOOLS ALWAYS CUTTING DRY, AND AM HAPPY so far THAT WAY.hOWEVER i FEEL WITH THE pOWERED HACKSAW MAYBE THIS WOULD BE MORE PRUDENT TO USE COOLANT AS THE BLADES WILL LAST LONGER(PERHAPS) what do you think.Alistair
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    From the coolant man himself "the bandsaw is the most important place to use high quality, fresh coolant, once it enters the cut, the coolant still needs to be good once it exits the cut".

    If you're just running wet stuff, with no high pressure additives (sulfur, chlorinated parafins), I wouldn't bother, unless you're concerned about heat buildup and time.

    Besides, its messy. Its no fun cutting some tubing and losing a gallon of coolant out of each end.


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      My recently acquired hacksaw has a coolent pump and sump built right into the workings. As it cuts it pumps, no way round unless you empty the tank, or remve the gear dirve to the pump. Kind of implys that coolant is expected, at least on this one. I plan to use dark cutting oil, as Ive got some lying around, and it shouldnt have sump life issues.

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        Coolant will extend blade life, but blade life should allready be pertty good on a hacksaw/bandsaw if run at the proper SFM, unless you are cutting REALLY thick solid stock, then it can help flush chips and keep friction heating down. Of course, going to a course toothed blade will also greatly help flush chips/keep heating down for thicker stock.

        That said. please use less caps. It hurts my eyes to read and makes it look like your shouting constantly for no reason.
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