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Sale of goods act UK and Rutlins UK

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  • Sale of goods act UK and Rutlins UK

    MY old pal Fred is working at a workshop voluntarily helping recovering addicts learn new skills.He has brought many of his own skills and equipment to the workshop He has bought two pieces of equipment for the workshop a belt disc sander and last week a brand new table saw .Admittedly the both machines are at the lower end of the spectrum FOX equipment , and that was all he could afford .Now last week the toothed belt on the sander disintegrated.The bench saw has never been correct straight out of the box the mitre gauge does not fit in the mitre gauge being too lose by about an eighth of an inch.He telephoned RUTLINS UK and spoke eventually to the boss who told him there would be no pint in replacing the mitre gauge as all the gauges were ,or would be the same I. E have the same slop problem, and that for that kind of money he should not expect accuracy .Isn't this ridiculous I know Fox is not the best but as I told him it should be functional straight out of the box,having been checked at the factory.The Rutlins boss disagreed and expects fred to fix it. Under UK law he is entitled (sale of goods act) that if the said goods are not of merchantable quality he deserves his money to be refunded.Not a reopair etc but a refund.I pointed out to Fred that if Rutlins UK advertised these with a glowing report they should at least come out of the box working standard. Rutlins don't advertise the saw as (MIGHT NOT BE ACCURATE ETC) ON THE CONTRARY TO GET YOUR HARD EARNED CASH THEY RATE IT AS SUPERB ) Grandpa Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    cant find any machine by the name of FOX on rutlins site ..
    so cant comment...whoops sorry ended up on a site called rutlands not rutlins
    if the machines are under £ may be expected like the chinese mini lathes to do the final tweaking

    all the best.mark
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      These cost a few hundred then some.Grandpa Alistair
      Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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        Shop Fox is Grizzly's "retail" line.