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Fenner belt update!

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  • Fenner belt update!

    I have begged,demanded,cried,moaned,pleaded and utterly tried every way I can think of to cheisl one more cent off the price of those darn link belts,but they won't budge,not even an inch!

    So I guess we are stuck buying from the likes of enco and msc for now,I don't understand it all yet,I can get a regular 5L550 belt for $2.65!but they won't discount the link belts.

    Oh well,I'm still gonna buy them,geuss they have me addicted
    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    We thank you for all of your kind effort Weird.
    Location: North Central Texas


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      Anyone interested in going in on a 5L Fenner belt order from Enco? I need about 10ft of it and it comes in 25ft lengths for $136.18. They sent me a free shipping code recently which'll help a little.
      Anyone want 15ft? Or a couple of guys to split 15ft? We could total the $136.18 plus the postage from the buyer (assume me but could be you) to the other buyers then pro rate the whole deal?

      Thanks for trying WS!

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        How about getting it from McMaster-Carr? They have what looks like the same thing (5L twist-lock) on page 929 of their catalog. It's available in 6-foot lengths for $32.84 each. The price is about the same, but the quantity is more convenient.

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          Grizzly sells it @ 4' for $20, in 3/8, 1/2, & 5/8 in. widths.


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            I believe the Grizly is a knock-off though -at least it doesn't say Fenner anywhere.

            Thanks for the McMaster reference, if no one wants to do a package deal that'll be my best long as it's Fenner.


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              As I mentioned in the original post, I recently bought a 'B' width belt from Grizzly that is clearly marked 'Fenner' and 'Power Twist Plus'.

              It appears that, at the moment they are shipping genuine Fenner link belts, at least in the 'B' size.



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                The red linked belt I got from McMaster-Carr about a year ago is marked Fenner Power Twist Plus.

                Any products mentioned in my posts have been endorsed by their manufacturer.


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                  Gee, unless my eyes are deceiving me, "fenner drives power twist plus" ( in caps ) is printed on the belts from Grizzly.

                  I wish I could find a knockoff somewhere, might be cheaper and work just fine on my "toy" machines.

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                    How do you measure belt width?
                    At the top or bottom?
                    Tom M.


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                      Well at the top,but there are more than just one or two types,first you have the "classical groove" belts,the A,B,C,D AND E,Then you have the "L" cross section fractional horse power or FHP belts,these two are interchangealbe as far as tolerences, but not for horse power as the classical groove belts will carry more hp per groove.

                      The next group is the one to look out for,they are the 3V,5V and 8V cross section belts,these are designed to carry the maximum hp per groove,they show up on machine tools all the time.

                      The hp capacity can be as much as 5 times the capacity of the classical groove belts,the cost is also much greater and they can not be mixed with either the classical or the L series belts.

                      On the classical groove belts they are as follows A=1/2" B=5/8" C=3/4"

                      On the "L" 3L=3/8" 4L=1/2" 5L=21/32"

                      I don't have the "V" specs commited to memory,but you can usually spot them by the fact that they are thicker than the other two types,usually thicker than they are wide.
                      I just need one more tool,just one!