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  • Block and tackle

    If my memory is correct, a few years age HSM or Projects in Metal, published an article about making a pulley/block assembly to be used with rope for lifting.
    Does anyone know which issue contained the article? I have need for a couple, and I think it would be a fun project.

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    don't know about what you saw but here is one I made some time back that I posted on here.
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      Never saw the article in the magizine. Back when we had a pole line at work to take care of we used them to pull line wire. They were made by Klien tools.They were double sheave pulleys with one having a ring on the bottom to tie off one end of the rope and a hook on the side to catch the rope when you got to where you wanted with the block.Also had a hook on the outer edges.


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        scatter cat, I've got a couple or three of those rope block sets under my shop counter. Safety audits made us scrap them when the hooks would open up so far that the mouses wouldn't catch anymore. Where we scrapped them was left open to us! I wish I had one of the old leather belt kind, same principle but with flat leather belt and rollers. They didn't tangle near as bad as the rope ones.
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          That's one of my "round tuit" projects I've never gotten to. Nice job, dockrat!

          The Ashley Book of Knots has quite a section describing various types of shipboard block and tackle setups.
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            Nice job, thanks for the info., I think I 'll make a couple. Do you have a anti reversing mechanism for them?