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Trailer safety hitch

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  • Trailer safety hitch

    Here is an idea I came up with for a safety device to keep a trailer from coming uncoupled from the tow vehicle. It is really simple. Just mount a hitch receiver on the trailer and under the trailer's coupler so that you can put another ball mount into it and slide it under the tow vehicle's ball when the trailer is coupled. The second ball mount will keep the trailer from raising and uncoupling.

    Hopefully this photobucket link will bring up my drawing. If not then use this link:

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    Interesting idea.

    I don't think the safety attachment thingy could slide into its receiver from the vehicle side. However, It could probably be designed to slide into the receiver from the trailer side..


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        It's a neat idea that's not expensive or hard to do, but it doesn't eliminate the need for safety chains. There's always a chance the ball, the coupler, or the hitch will fail in some way.
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          If you have this much trouble with a light tongue, or heavy tailed trailer, maybe a pintle design is a better option?


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            If you build your design leave room for the trailer to pivot as you crest a sharp hill. Imagine an exaggerated situation, driving your truck and trailer over a triangle shaped hill.

            You may also allow for something that will let you know if you are in a disconnected state. When safety chains on a trailer go to work due to an unexpected uncouple, the driver knows something is wrong fairly quickly due to noise, feel and your hind end grabbing the seat during pucker mode.

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