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It'll be better with a washer!

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  • It'll be better with a washer!

    Why is it that the simple things in life cause the most agro.
    My job of the day was to machine my newly acquired Sieg C6 back plate to fit my new acquired 5C collet chuck.
    I thought I was going well as it seemed to fit OK apart from having to fit the chuck with bolts the reverse way from the back plate to the chuck instead of allen bolts from chuck to back plate(due to holes already in Sieg back plate)
    On trial run it went well and I only had to remove 1/4" from the bolts to make a neat job.
    The bolts were also neat in that I had had them for years, they came from transit mechanism from a washing machine(only have to find use for the last one)
    Bolt up for what I assumed would be the final time when a thought struck me, I should put washers under the bolt head as the surface looks a bit chinglish(ie rough machinig)
    Put washers on bolted up and tried to fit to lathe, ... ooh er .. doesn't fit flat. Move head closer for looksee, damn bolt head is now proud of lathe fixing plate.
    Strip down ( chuck that is) grind back of bolts aslo find thinner washers (others were a bit too nice looking anyway) bolt up and check for run out.
    Best bit it runs with 10mm rod in collet 0.0005, at least soemthing gone right.
    Come indoors for a warm up and a moan!

    Now how many more collets do I need ... silly question ... loads.

    I have tools I don't know how to use!!