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  • New strap bender

    Built a new strap bender today. Pat, a buddy needed my Small (made in usa) HF style bender to make powdercoat oven hangers. It was mounted on a piece of 2x2 to drop in a socket.. GONE.. help a bud out and all that.

    well, he had a piece of 1/2"x2" flatbar.. I carried it home, nipped it into four pieces according to the HOSSFIELD blueprints on the net. wrote a cnc program, first holes 1.125 from end, consective holes 1.125, first I drilled them 5/8".. THEN after turning some precision pins to .625.. too tight.. Kinda like that Model 3 I had that time I had to have a brass hammer to pull (beat out) the pins.

    So, I reran the hole program on the cnc today with a 21/32nd drill in there.. mucho easier. Instead of bending the offsets on the frame as per drawings, I used a piece of 6" Ibeam for the mount, tig welded a 2x2 stub for the tool mount.. this will allow a "vice" like clamp to be ran through the middle. A similar vise I am working into the handle. A slot in the clamp will allow it to be retained by pins and removed easily, but adjusted also. So far, I have two "square blocks" and a 3" round (english wheel blank) dies made up for it. Vise Clamps are still in the design stage. Right now, not painted, but works as good as the Chinese-Made in USA one I took to Pat's... When I get it all done and am happy? I may take it to Pat's for a ride through his 18 foot deep powdercoat oven. At that time, I'll post a picture.. and a link to the hossfield plans posted on the net.. I had it painted "once" already.. then tig welded the 1 1/2" tube handle onto the swinging frame.
    What makes it different will be the "vises" that clamp stock, adjust in and out rollers to bend angle iron, flatbar, hold it precision bend.. instead of slippage and frustration like the HF style one.. I like to do things once..

    Near accident, close call...
    The 2x72 belt sander, made from junk.. Mounted on a upright on a vertical 2x2 hammer stand, while I was deburring the parts gave me a thrill.. the belt, hitting the sharp edges on a drilled bolt hole SPLIT the belt, it tore, came around and "flapped" me in the face about three times before I decided to run away.. OF COURSE.. I had the 3phase motor "twistlocked" into the milling spindle inverter on the cnc.. using that drive.. THE e-stop, off button, "S" command was on the "front side" of the mill.. I was on the back.. (temporaried in)..

    All I could think about was the "half" a machinist wrapped around that lathe spindle.. thanks guys for the image I got stuck in my head forever..

    < our cat Sage died, I came inside from the shop, Blood everywhere.. I panicked, thinking the pitt bulldog had killed him, Puddles of blood on the carpet.. I got on my knees and sopped up what I could. R2X-cleaning the remainder.. Two hours on my knees.. near crippling myself.. My wife came home.. I would not let her inside, sent her after a rug doctor.. While burying the cat, looking around, blood trail came in from the street outside the chainlink fence, through the dog door, across the $35 a yard carpet in the living room, across the dining room and stopped in front of the computer here. I could not walk well for two days.. No clue what happened, no body damage on the cat?, David E suggested cancer.. he was 16> I have not cried like I did over Butch, but I saw a mouse this morning.. Four days and they move in.
    IT was my wife's birthday the day the cat died.. He had been getting sick on the carpet two to three times a day.

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    Excuse me, I farted.

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    Poor you and poor cat. Never forget latheaccident.jpg

    Sounds like we need more pics to go with this story though. (of the things you built, Not the cat)
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      Well that sounds a lot like days I've had,they start out good and end in a massive ball of flaming wreckage.

      The cat sounds like poison to me,seen rats die like that.
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        Sorry David

        Yes sorry bout youre Cat. I know how much you liked him. Sounds like a Nasty way to go. Yes possible poison? Neighbours hate cats? Keep eye out for Lex, People tossin stuff over the fence, Got youre camera system workin still> ? Im fiddling with a remote camera sytem but no money yet for it,. Take care Mike


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          Lost my mind

          I lost my mind yesterday, was talking some electrical purchases to Pat on the phone, I looked outside and saw a guy at the fence in front of the house with a "muscular" fighting pitt bulldog.

          I got ugly really quick.. My butterball.. 100lbs, would not last a minute with a fighting dog.

          Of course I may flop over the next time I turn on the adrenalin like that next time. I am a butterball now too. Not been in training in years now..

          Ran the cnc for two hours today, slotted some 2x2 tubing for the adjustors in the bender. I'll try to get my wife to take some decent pictures later.. The Nikon, batteries go dead the moment i touch it.. my wife however can use it all day.. Negativity?? I have that affect on policemen too.. One policeman buddy passed away a couple weeks ago.. I was like a turd in the punch bowl at the funeral home.
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            Originally posted by Dawai
            One policeman buddy passed away a couple weeks ago.. I was like a turd in the punch bowl at the funeral home.
            Funerals of those nearest and dearest to us are stressful occaisions. You just have to deal with them the best you can. Nobody likes them, especially close friends and family. If it weren't for supporting the family, I'd avoid 'em altogether.

            Somehow, I've ended up with significant parts of the service of the last three, no four I've been to. It sucks, but how can you refuse the request of someone newly bereaved?
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              P-Groover Powdercoated it Satin black today, the handle, normal hossfield style with a vise adjustor made into it, a piece of acme rod with a eye welded on one end, a acme nut welded to a piece of 1/2" pipe tightens up the vise.. I decided a threaded rod can pull a lot more than push so I did it that way, with the pipe handle in the lever, it gets heavy thou..

              Ibeam is drilled 1.125 centers just exactly like the hossfield plans called for on the number 1 bender.

              Solidworks to design angle iron shoes? this unit has a jack on lower pedastel and the upper slider goes up and down, all bolts together, like a mechanno or erector set you played with as a child, immediately configurable for each job at hand.. where to hang or store all the tooling thou? perhaps that is why Hossfield benders come on a tool cabinet..

              Top roller spindle is a bugged up Harley neck I never finished machining.. with pressed in 1" bushings, all shafting is 1".. as a roller, the Madman made rollers are too slick.. actually spin on the tube.. I tried to roll a ship like wheel to powdercoat also, but got frustrated.. makes me want to afix a dc motor and gearbox..

              Most all the welding is stick, 7018 running 95 amps.. the lever handle was tig welded using er70S rod, argon, and my Miller synchrowave..
              This whole unit, I am making legs to stand it up, or lay it down horizontal like Evans unit..

              Today, I gotta get back on my dump truck job thou, busted hyd fitting on the scissor cylinder.. it is up, need a prop so I don't get caught in the mousetrap.
              Excuse me, I farted.


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                Nice Job david

                Youre gettin mighty good at that fabricating styff. Those rollers look like they been ground?? Take care mike PS glad you finally got it done buddy.