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HSS tools i grind and over hang in holder

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  • HSS tools i grind and over hang in holder

    i thought id share how i grind my hss cutters for most basic cutting and a form tool i also made for my wife for one of her ring styles also the max over hang i allow on average tools in the holder, the lesser the tool can flex while cutting the better,

    now iam not into making fancy looking cutters and i find no need for it either at least not in HSS cutters that you have to grind your self and these do a very nice job and the fiinsh they leave is also very well done,,

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    You have a good start there or maybe you are just showing some of them.

    Over the years I have ground a collection of HSS and Cobalt from 1/8" sq. to 3/4" sq. with internal radius, external radius, grooving cutters of several widths and more turning shapes than I care to mention. The cutters fill a 24"x24" drawer one layer deep with little side room. I also have a 24"x24" drawer filled with brazed carbide cutters ground with many of the same shapes from 1/4" sq. to 3/4" sq.

    It never hurts to have many diverse shapes ground on both HSS and carbide cutters.
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      auctually your right it is just some of them. i have many others on the shelf and i have modded some brazed carbide ones as well , i also have some 1/2 cutters to in HSS as well as the carbide and i have some indexable cutters to but i really dont like them there cheap ones but they work for no till i can afford better ones , i spent to much money the last 2 years on my automotive tools lol so i guess this year the machine shop will get some new toys in it,,


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        I haven't been at this very long, and I'm already starting to get a collection of custom-ground lathe bits. As mentioned, both HSS and brazed carbide.

        I like the shot showing the amount of overhang. I always try to get the bit as close to the toolholder as I can as well!



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          One full seven drawer kennedy tool box full of bits special ground, many squirrled away in parts bins small boxes and such for special projects.
          CCBW, MAH


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            the less over hang you can get the more rigid it is and less chance on any kind of chatter as well, also the less chance if turrning a taper but thats not just the tool over hang to prevent taper turrning thats a whole other topic,

            i grind mostly the basics for my hss stuff i have modded several brazed carbide cutters for other shapes and cuts that i want , its really cheap to buy a brazed carbide cutter and reshape it then to buy one thats premade sometimes the premade is the only way but in alot of cases you can grind them and get the results you need..