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MY health problems and those sniggering classes

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  • MY health problems and those sniggering classes

    Just once again I will explain to those who have not read what I have said many times before
    I have an illness for which I have been treated now for some 20 years which comes from the same area of the brain as parkinsons disease.The specialists have told me it is Parkinsonian related Ie as said from the same part of the brain It was explained to me that Parkinsons disease has many atributeable related diseases directly related to parkinsons disease itself.The Consultant have told me It is unlikely to ever be full parkinsons itself as the attacks when they come are too viloent and involuntery movements.My arms and legs move uncontrollably when the attacks come and I have been taking BEN EL DOPAMINE and also to cut down the movements every day for about ten years liquid morphine. Which helps tremendously cut down the attacks.I have these viloent movement's every day but not all the time and small tremors all the time diminished so as to be most of the time unoticable.I have written all this before and it does not or has it or I ever said I have full parkinsons disease I say and have always said parkinsonsian related.I don't really give a two penny damn to those sniggerers Evan and the like and I know who started it to those who disbelieve me or like to make fun of me.but I know what I have always said which is a parkinsonian related disease .Go back and read what I said I know who is making mischief have a laugh if it makes you feel superior or happyAnd the movements have become slowly worse over the last ten years or so.I live with it and don't often complain anyway I have as said made this all very clear if anyone can show me different I will apologize profusely but they won't as I know what I have said and it's true.I am sorry to my real friends here but this has been a ridiculous affair and it was brought to my attention by a good friend of mine .Now let's get back to business sorry for the rant Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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      Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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        My dad had Parkinson's. I can't imagine what could be amusing about anything that resembles it.


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          I am amazed at what some people have accomplished in spite of their ailments and afflictions. If I had a painfull, embarassing, or debilitating chronic illness, I'm not sure I'd be able to face getting out of bed in the morning.

          You're awake and on the computer, better than I might be in your situation. My hat is off to you.
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            A neighbour had Parkinson's. He worked on the farm right into his mid 80's though!

            My grandfather's family has a type of "Familial Tremor". Similar to Parkinson's, but not the violent shakes. Just a general trembling. I can see it starting already on certain days. Some days are better than others. We'll see what the docs say. Grandpa didn't start treatments until he was 50.



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              Many in my family on my grandmothers side had this, who cared, they were family and really fun to listen to. My great grandfather, who lived to 101, had this, was a railroad man, lived by the tracks in Belinde NM. I loved staying with him, he would talk trains, mechanics for hours, show me all his cool stuff and new stuff, then when he knew a train would be coming by, would hop me on his shoulders when possible or walk me otherwise and go to the tracks. Many a time the trains would slow down and the engineers wave and yell good things to him. He was about 75 or 80 then. Wise man, got me interested in many a thing. Every time I see a train, I am a five to ten year old again, I am there with Great Grandpa McCormick.

              Never mattered.

              Met Muhammed Ali in my youth twice, yet with Parkinsons now, the ideal has never diminished and I treasure that time and still love to see him going.

              Parkinsons is a body thing, but in the end we share your wosdom, your spark, your mind. Keep sharing Alstair, your friends in cyberspace love your wisdom.

              I can feel a bit, my right hand is beaten with carpel never to be right, typing is a chore. My fingers feel like little pieces of meat now and then, but I keep going anyway. Fun to be here and share the mind.
              CCBW, MAH


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                Alistair, I am sorry to hear you have such a disease. Who could doubt that? Silly. Any of the not well understood neuro diseases are just really hard to cope with. Dad had Alzheimer's, friends with MS and relatives had Parkinson's. I have my own slough of stuff, individually most are fairly minor, added up, I can become a basket case overnight. If I take all the meds I need to make all the symptoms go away, I can't wake up all day and it makes it impossible to do my job well. If I don't take them, it makes my job hard. Some physical, some anxiety, and some make reading or writing a real [email protected]#$!

                I wish you the best with treatment and hope you do well with the cards you've been dealt. I've enjoyed reading your posts. I've not read anything about your health until now, except your signature line. I took that as meaning you had something related to Parkinson's that may effect your typing in some way. I thought that was smart.


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                  I don't really give a two penny damn to those sniggerers Evan and the like ...
                  What the hell do you think I meant Alistair? I was entirely serious in the comment I made. I understand perfectly well what you are facing every day as I have many of the same problems and even take medication meant to treat Parkinson's disease. I also have two good friends with similar afflictions. One is suffering from a form of Parkinson's that is fairly rapidly fatal. She only has a few years left and it is painful to see how she has deteriorated when she stayed with us for Christmas. We have known her for nearly 30 years. The other friend was here just two nights ago and she is severely afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis. She doesn't have long left either and when the time comes it will be a very sad day for both of us. We have known her and her husband and been in touch longer than any other people outside our families.

                  I utterly fail to understand where you have come up with the peculiar idea that I am making light of your situation. I have not in the past nor do I now.
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                    A Comment was made a few weeks back when somone suggeted it was all in my head and you commented also "Now would I say that" in a sniggering way.Alistair
                    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                      I never wrote that. You are thinking of somebody else.

                      A search of this entire site (via Google) shows that nobody wrote those words.
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                        Before you blow your stack at me, a lot of it IS in your head, as it is a "disease" stemming from the brain, and more so from the muscle and nerve control in your limbs. Whether it is "myelin sheaths" or whatever that is considered the cause of MS, I don't know. I'm not a medico.

                        That you are able to interact with us is good. That anybody would make any light of your condition is reprehensible.

                        You are fortunate in one way that you live in Britain. At least you get treatment without daring bankruptcy, as one might here. I suppose Evan gets all the treatment he requires without out of pocket expense, too.

                        Remember, our Repubs made great hay out of Stephen Hawking, saying that if HE lived in Britain, he would have been considered too expensive to keep alive. Embarrassing to learn that he DID live in England, and that that WAS the only reason he WAS alive. Perhaps the most expensive medical case in Britain's history of "Socialized Medicine", and the NHS must think they have gotten as good as they gave.

                        I wish you would do away with your sig. It doesn't seem to mean anything to some, and to the rest of us, I wish you would not apologize. It is not required. To hell with them.

                        On a lighter note, I hope you are enjoying your new grandchild. Little young to actually interact with, but still, ain't they something?

                        My only granddaughter, of 5 grandkids, turned 18 today. MY baby. Found a good card for her, some cash in it, and a big hug and kiss.

                        Babysat my 4 1/2 and 6 1/2 g'sons all PM, took 'em out, bought some toys, took 'em home, watched "Stitch The Movie" with them, fed them, finally took them home,. Wonderful day, and I get to do it every Thursday, only because they have other things to do on all the other days, what with swimming, piano lessons, Dad's day off. Thursday they are not scheduled for anything else so Jedo gets them.

                        When that baby gets old enough, give him/her a kiss, not so he/she kisses you back, but so that he/she will kiss his/her baby.




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                          Yes of course it is in one's head. However, I don't even recall a thread where anybody suggested that Alistair was somehow faking any form of Parkinson's. Of course I may have missed it since I don't have time to read even half the threads on just the General forum. That is just plain ridiculous since the last thing that anyone could convincingly fake is those diseases that produce the involuntary tremors characteristic of the condition.

                          Parkinson like syndrome is easy to initially diagnose because of the type of tremors it causes. However, there are about a dozen different types of conditions that resemble Parkinson's but are actually a different disorder with similar symptoms. True PD is a result of the deterioration of the cells in the Subtantia Nigra (black matter) in the brain which is localized in a very small area. It is responsible for producing the neurotransmitter Dopamine. One of the tasks of Dopamine is to regulate the brain's control of large and small group muscle firing according to signals from the autonomic and the voluntary nervous system.

                          In the case of true PD the cells responsible for producing Dopamine die, probably from some sort of autoimmune condition. The lack of dopamine results in poor control over the muscles, especially the peripherals such as arms and legs. Tremor isn't the only symptom though. In a severe attack the result can be near total paralysis which is far more frightening and dangerous than mere tremors.

                          Parkinson's may be caused by other factors including head injury, drug use, anoxia, and repetitive low level trauma such as concussions suffered when engaging in contact sports.

                          Then there are the various similar appearing conditions. Some are less onerous but some can and do progress rapidly to death. There are a variety of causes but not all are known. Environment and genetics both play a part. NONE of it is imagined but all do involve the brain and the rest of the nervous system.
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