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Van Norman head rework

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  • Van Norman head rework

    I have been a bit quiet around here lately. I have had a long project that am working on in the shop. Its not that it needs to be a long job but that is just how it turned out.

    When I brought the Van Norman 22L home it had so many accessories with it but they were all covered in rust.

    I used the electrolysis rust removal process that has floated around this board for a while. None of the accessories looked as though they were used much. All of the toys had grease that was dried up and had turned to paste. Trying to remove it was a job. Some of the stuff would wash off with parts washer while some had to be scraped off with plastic tools.

    As the parts were cleaned, all of the mating surfaces showed signs of hand scraping and as I was putting things back together the assemblies checked mechanically. I have had to do almost no extra work to get them running within spec.

    The parts were washed and a coating of preservative was put on until I could get paint on them.

    Almost all of the parts were powder coated at the old place I worked but I was not able to powder the sub-head before the doors closed. Over the next few years I built the big shop and lately I have been playing with powder coat in the shop.

    For powder coat powder without mailing off to Timbuktu I found that most Sherman Williams paint stores can order industrial powder for the little guy. Heck, the store here got me a free 5lb sample of the color I need to finish the sub head. Plus they tossed in paint chip selectors for matching colors.
    Sherwin Williams Powder links, about halfway down

    After getting some color on the parts I was about to re-assemble them and just before I grabbed the grease, I thought that I would call Repair Parts Incorporated. These guys have repair parts for Van Norman machines. I wanted to ask what they would recommend in the head and the rest of the Van Norman.

    I spoke to a guy named Chuck who talked with me for about 20 min about the Van Norman. He told me about what they did to the VN machines to refurb them and he gave me recommendations for lubrication. Nicest fellow ever. If you need parts these folks should be a first call.

    I am just about to finish putting the head back together and start on a high speed head that was given to me by a member of the board. After that, the mill will be getting the once over. It has already cut a few gears and chewed through some projects for me but little mis-adjustments and quirky issues have come up that I would like to fix.

    I'll get some photos of the work up here in the next day or so. This was mostly to let everyone know that I hadn't been trapped under a large machine in the back of the shop and left for rat food, as well to share the paint and parts information.

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    Nice to hear about the project status, can't wait for some teardown/rebuild pics!
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