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  • Originally posted by 3 Phase Lightbulb View Post
    Whops, I'll fix that

    Does anyone know what you call these types of nuts? It's like they are some type of rivet nut but not sure. There are some threads inside then. Unfortunately my fasteners book doesn't mention them.

    The right bin

    Years ago I worked at a military radio manufacturer, all threads into aluminum parts had these inserts. We called the Pem Nuts, I never realized until I googled it that Pem was a brand name. As I recall, we had a little C clamp sort of tool to press them in and remove them.


    • Used the mill to make a shank for a woodturning scraper. Roughed out a bowl blank.
      Tried out the worked great!
      Now to fix the tool post


      • Originally posted by mattthemuppet View Post
        and some lights under the island more for fun than anything. Makes a nice "don't walk into the dishwasher" light for the nights.

        now onto the next project, a new work bench

        I'm looking to do pretty much the same thing in our kitchen to replace some 18" flourescents that I have as indirect lighting over some cabinets. Can you tell me what you used for components to build them?

        Thanks, Brian





        • Paul your bronze bushings look like Oilite. .


          • Today I sniffled and snuffled and surfed the web through a nyquil haze. Day 5 of flu or cold or something.

            I've tried to post as little as possible.
            At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and left over parts.

            Location: SF East Bay.


            • Moved the mill around a bit so I could get the vertical table off.

              Some help from the crane is handy

              Years of grease and filth...

              It's cleaned up more or less now, but I can only post 4 images per post.


              • Finished a quick mounting post this afternoon - pics and explanation when the paint is dry.

                Cut my first taper using the top slide. Should point out the taper was entirely cosmetic with no dimensional constraints....but it's a start.

                Learned a few things:
                1. Some rattle cans are WAY more enthusiastic than others!
                2. When your "spraybooth" is more commonly known as "the garden", it would be wise to check for changes in the wind between coats! And
                3. Spray paint doesn't come off your hands with just soap and a scrubbing brush!


                • I decided I want my storage bins to continue along the same wall so I removed the shelving that was next to my tool chests so I could put a bench or another chest there and continue the storage bins across the wall. I'll also add another light for the additional bins I'll be mounting. I'm also going to take down the remaining shelf in the corner as I don't need it anymore.


                  • Adrian, good job on the hardware organization.
                    I can see you've spent a lot of time and effort on it. However while doing so it looks like you've neglected your lathe, she feels neglected now and would like a bit of oil on her ways.
                    Damn, this stuff just never stops long enough to have a cocktail so that you can sit back and enjoy your work does it?
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                    • Originally posted by Willy View Post
                      Adrian, good job on the hardware organization.
                      I can see you've spent a lot of time and effort on it. However while doing so it looks like you've neglected your lathe, she feels neglected now and would like a bit of oil on her ways.
                      Damn, this stuff just never stops long enough to have a cocktail so that you can sit back and enjoy your work does it?
                      Yup, Duckman was in my shop a few weeks ago and noticed as well. I recently bought some bronze wool and some LPS3 but haven't had the time to address the lathe yet. The bridgeport table, and vices are also screaming for some attention.


                      • Picked up all the lights and related wiring stuff for the basement today. Going to finish the running and taping the heat runs for the furnace tomorrow, then get started on the lights. My buddy "might" come back and start running the return ducting, not sure yet. So nice to be over the "rip poorly done and stupid **** out" phase and on to the finishing part. Unexpectedly got the next 2 weeks off work, and there's not enough snow to go sledding so I'm gonna bust ass and knock out a bunch of the nagging projects I've been meaning to get around to for the past couple years.


                        • What did you do today?

                          A friend of ours has a son who was severely injured in a motorcycle crash. The wheelchair she uses to help get him around had gotten loose on the joints where you are supposed to adjust the lean back of the back rest on the chair. The manufacturer of the chair was being difficult (long story, details are not relevant here) about servicing it or generally being helpful. I offered to take a look and found several issues:

                          - The holes that the Allen head bolts you see here are in an aluminum part and were mostly stripped. This prevented the bolts from tightening and staying tight.
                          - Those little octagonal blocks with the off-center hole are supposed the be turned to set the angle of the back rest, which pivots at the bolt above. One was missing and the other original one was very loose and its edges worn due to the hole being worn oversized.

                          I drilled out what remained of the worn out threads and installed 1/4-20 stainless helicoils in the four holes. I then made two new octagonal plates, copying the one original except making them thicker so they should be a bit more secure and robust. They were a bit of an odd size so I had to make some appropriately sized hex stock out of some round 303 I had. Then I just parted off two slices and drilled the holes.

                          Delivered it all back this morning and got word that it makes a great deal of difference in the ease of transferring him in and out of his chair and generally getting around.
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                          • Didn't do much more than a little more scraping on the current project, and a whole lot of shoveling 8+ inches of heavy wet snow from 2 driveways, 3 sidewalks, and 3 front walkways.... And run all over town trying to find a particular size of shelving unit for SWMBO (the online stocking info was seriously wrong...yes we checked that first).

                            Oh.... and modifying said shelving unit to fit where it was wanted, with shelves the right distance apart.....

                            Plus planning out the next shop project...doing another session of 3D CAD to work out details and find problems
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                            • Dragged out my ratty 20 inch slip rolls today, cleaned up about 10 inches of the shaft to roll a tail section piece for a seat on an XS 650 I am working on.
                              Turns out they are Brown Boggs rolls , but they were pretty beat up hard when I got them..... high School shop stuff , i bought at auction last century..


                              • Today- I thought about lathes, deburred some parts I've been making, paid a few bills, went for a walk by the river, found a perfect condition 40 lb propane tank which I took home, and had a few drinks while listening to live music with friends. A good day. Tomorrow I try to fabricate some sheet aluminum into a fan unit housing.
                                I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-