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  • Tuna fishing on a Kayak... Some would call that an extreme sport


    • What happened to the tail end of the one (Rt) and gash in the side of the other? Do you have to compete with a Great White after you hook one?
      Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


      • Father's day here too, so spent an hour or two socail distancing from daughter and her fella (who came armed with beer and treats) outside the Shed, midway though filling the boot of the car with trash from the Shed of Danger (swarf, empty packaging...) and fiddling about gettting the lines on my threading dial to line up - have some Delicious Bass (both the fish and the beer!) for later

        Dave H. (te other one)
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        • Originally posted by lynnl View Post
          What happened to the tail end of the one (Rt) and gash in the side of the other? Do you have to compete with a Great White after you hook one?
          The complete fish is just congealed blood. Sharks here are a big problem.
          We battle to get fish out if you hook them. This shark got my fish right under my kayak. I caught this 300 meters off from the surfers. I think you need some bad luck to be eaten by a shark. I think they are not interested in us..At least I hope so.

          In twenty years I have only had one bad encounter with a massive tiger shark which followed me and breached on both sides of my kayak and eyeballed me . I gave it a good clout and paddled for my life. I think he was just curious because if he wanted to get me it would be easy.

          I am not from the Cape where the Great Whites are more prolific. We have Bull sharks which are nasty dangerous sharks but as Ive said we are not really there food source. It would be a case of mistaken identity.


          • That beats ALL of my fishing stories combined lol. Nice fish Plunger.

            A nice scorcher here today, and with the day to myself I decided to clean up some projects and do some welding. Finally finished my sprayer trailer. I made the trailer about 4-5 years ago, but never got around to finishing the hose mount. Today I made that from some small scrap rims, and other scrap, and made a battery tray from bed frame too. Ran out of gas welding the battery tray on, but it will hold.....Wasn't going for pretty here, just "done". Just ran it over to a buddies house behind the quad and it didn't fall apart soooooo.....success.

            Also made this wrench for my dad for fathers day to get at his distributor on his 442.


            • I made a stand for a Jet arbor press that’s been sitting under my workbench for 15 years. I wanted to make one out of steel but less than 20 bucks worth of lumber and it’s done.
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              • Unpacked my 70A plasma cutter, just a chinesium model, couldn't find even 2nd hand at affordable prices:

                (spot the error, it's fixed now)

                First time using a plasma cutter so I guess there's a training factor to this as well, but I felt I had to go up to 50A at 8mm to be able to get a nice cut and move at a speed that I thought felt natural. I guess my intuition on this might be wrong and one should learn to go slower. It did not come with a diagram showing travel speed or amperage to thickness.

                8mm @ 50A

                Earlier experiments

                ~25mm @ 70A

                I think this piece above is flame cut in the other direction, a nice cut too, I am also gearing up for flame cutting and it will be interesting to compare the plasma to the oxyfuel torch.

                It has a P80 panasonic style torch, only came with two sets of consumables and one tip size. Wheel attachment for stand off. Doesn't seem like there are drag tips easily available for this kind of torch. Only stand off wheels, which are kinda big and cumbersome. I would've liked some spring standoffs at least. I suppose I will have to make my own.


                • Originally posted by RB211 View Post
                  Tuna fishing on a Kayak... Some would call that an extreme sport
                  True. Some would call it fun as hell. 😁


                  • Got my Ames headstock rebuilt with NOS bearings this evening. Getting closer to being able to reinstall it on the bed. Next hurdle is a cone pulley for the countershaft, I did not receive the original one with it. I was having trouble finding a replacement, but while looking through a catalog at work I noticed that my caster supplier also sold cast iron wheels. Quick call and I have a set of three appropriate sized wheels on order. I’ll trim to width, crown the circumference, balance them, and I should be up and running.

                    Cayuga, Ontario, Canada


                    • Originally posted by Beazld View Post
                      I made a stand for a Jet arbor press that’s been sitting under my workbench for 15 years. I wanted to make one out of steel but less than 20 bucks worth of lumber and it’s done.
                      Ohhh, lab stool with a place to dangle your balls, must make one of those,
                      nice shop, mines a tip, now with some overly friendly bees, wild ones, they seem very docile having fed a few tired ones who crashed, they do like manuka honey!


                      • I made a mount for the replacement X-axis scale for my mill. Not pretty but this scale is so large I don't think there are any such options on the table. I believe it will be temporary, this is only a 2-axis DRO so I believe I will buy a 3-axis setup in the future and move this one to the lathe, it's a good fit for the lathe.

                        One snag so far, the new scale counts exactly 2X everything. This means the pitch inside the scale is 20um instead of 40um like my earlier scales. Fortunately Heidenhain has superb service and even for this 1970/80s model they were able to find instructions, I need to cut one leg of an IC and solder it to another leg and it will count half on that axis.


                        • Well, zero to do with machining, but I just got back from a nice symphony concert down the block. One of our neighbors is a St Louis symphony player, and he has had now 101 evening concerts in a row at his home just down the block.

                          Tonight we had a quartet first, and then some Mozart, with a 20 piece subsection composed of mostly symphony players, with some advanced students and another neighbor who is retired from the symphony. VERY good.

                          I was happy I had been able to fix a stereo for him earlier this week. A little payment for these very nice concerts.
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                          • Typed up a tap drill chart based on some much older tables and obscure fractional sizes. I also made a speed chart for my lathe.
                            25 miles north of Buffalo NY, USA


                            • Fixed the DRO, cut leg 15 and connected it to 8.

                              Testing with DRO and dial indicator, zeroed them both and moved to 3mm


                              • DennisCA You'd get the same zero reading out of my dial fact, no matter how far you moved it, it'd still read zero. And it's just out of warranty too. Looks like you've been productively busy.

                                This morning my half-mask respirator arrived. Saw one being used on YouTube, checked out the prices and wondered why I'd not bought one ages ago. Previously only used the paper things that are next to useless.

                                This afternoon, I've been making up a half-width shelf to wedge into the beer fridge. There's free space that could be chilling some beer! 1.6mm steel sheet (which I'm going to spray paint white to blend in and protect from rust) for the shelf and for the wedge I've made an 8mm wooden wedge - thinking I could wedge it in without damaging the plastic of the fridge. I spotted the amount of sawdust the mill was chucking up in the air so I jammed on a respirator....seemed stupid not to when it was sitting waiting to be used

                                Oh, and the cat freaked out when he saw me......although it may have been the "*kkkkkccchhh* I AM YOUR FATHER! *kkkkkkchhhh*" that did it!