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  • Made good progress sorting the metal stock here in the shop. Click image for larger version

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    I cut it off twice; it's still too short
    Oregon, USA


    • Originally posted by Tim Clarke View Post
      Made good progress sorting the metal stock here in the shop.
      Good? I'd say GREAT! That picture brings tears to my eyes.


      "Accuracy is the sum total of your compensating mistakes."

      "The thing I hate about an argument is that it always interrupts a discussion." G. K. Chesterton


      • Aint much but at least I got to visit the shop..
        watch bracelet ”loopy thing” made from stainless windshild wiper stiffener:
        Click image for larger version

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        Location: Helsinki, Finland, Europe


        • I got a flu shot today, on advice from my dr. It was free at the local grocery store. It's the first year that I've gotten the "old folks" version. Now I'm feeling old.

          But I also picked up an emergency alert pendant for my mom. Got it working and will mail it to her tomorrow. I don't need one of those. Now I feel younger.

          At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and left over parts.

          Location: SF East Bay.


          • Kids birthday today, had people over, served a traditional kind of dinner for this place of the world, sandwich cakes.


            Fish (tuna, shrimp and gravlax)


            • Noo! Haven’t got decent sandwich cake for years
              Location: Helsinki, Finland, Europe


              • Originally posted by Bob Engelhardt View Post

                Those are interesting. Do they evaporate/disappear so you know when to replace them? McM-C has equivalent (?) pads that you can buy one at a time, I think I'll try one.
                I don't know, Bob. I've only recently bought a packet. The foam won't disappear, but the active ingredients will evaporate (as they are intended to do).
                There are a lot of different technologies out there in the field of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors.
                This might be closer to home for you:


                • added a bunch of cheap one way valves to the one shot oiling system on my 6x26 mill. Before it was more like "5-shots to get enough oil to one place and 5x the amount to all the others" oiling system, as oil would drain back out of the tubes into the reservoir when not in use. Works a treat now, one pump is enough to oil all the dovetails. Looks like one side of the knee isn't getting much, so looks like I'll need to take it off and see what's going on.


                  • Video of the forge, just drying it out after rain with some charcoal, full blast is too much air but it heats it well.



                    • Put up the formed pipe frame and moved the one solar panel to it. Project #1 for the "pipe squasher" done.

                      Next part is to put 4 more up on the old frame base, and install a new charger. I decided I was not going to get around to making a new SMPS type charger, so I just bought one. Did not like the first one, so there is another one coming in shortly.

                      All the panels are of similar current, so they are going in series, with a "buck regulator" type charger, which is more efficient than the old analog charger which had them in parallel.


                      Keep eye on ball.
                      Hashim Khan

                      Everything not impossible is compulsory


                      • I use a regular 240w 30v panel with a MPPT regulator on my 12v RV and it works very well. Any small amount of light will start charging the battery.
                        Helder Ferreira
                        Setubal, Portugal


                        • Neither the old nor the new are MPPT, but set voltage. But they will do better than what was before. Big upchage for MPPT. The one in there now was a cheaper one that it turns out did not display charge current, which I want to see, so I am replacing that one as soon as the new one comes in. The better one also has a couple other features that I want as well.

                          We'll see when the rest of the panels get installed, if I get sufficient charging current per my figuring of the ratios, I am not going to worry about it for a while. I can go up to almost 60V of panels, and 30A charge current with the new one, so.......

                          The next step is several hundred bucks, for MPPT, 120V panel input, and 60A.... this setup does not need that yet.
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                          Keep eye on ball.
                          Hashim Khan

                          Everything not impossible is compulsory


                          • Posted my "work wanted" ad on PM.


                            By all means please pass it on if you know anyone in my area -- thanks!
                            25 miles north of Buffalo NY, USA


                            • doctor this. doctor that. doctor who referred me to a doctor who told me to get clearance from a doctor...

                              for a gall bladder operation.


                              • Started at 2 am.
                                Spent a leisurely day with a good pal, former refinery crew mate, for the 1st time in 8 months.
                                Rode shotgun on a trip to his hunting lease. Moved 750 pounds of feed corn Into a feeder hopper.
                                Saw my first real fire ant colony.
                                Found out Wendy’s has passable Biscuits & Gravy on their breakfast menu.
                                Traveled 648 miles.
                                Arrived back home at 2:30 pm, dog tired and played with my grandson.
                                Illigitimi non Carborundum 😎
                                9X49 Birmingham Mill, Reid Model 2C Grinder, 13x40 ENCO GH Lathe, 6X18 Craftsman lathe, Sherline CNC mill, Eastwood TIG200 AC/DC and lots of stuff from 30+ years in the trade and 15.5 in refinery unit operations. Now retired. El Paso, TX