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  • I sure do like that last pic!
    CNC machines only go through the motions.

    Ideas expressed may be mine, or from anyone else in the universe.
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    I reserve the right to use a number system with any integer base without prior notice.
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    • Originally posted by I make chips View Post
      IBM that is some beautiful work.
      Bringing the sales and marketing guy out in me, your creativity could be marketed to upscale clients. But at that point you likely couldn't keep up with orders $$$ and it no longer would be fun as you would become a production tool.

      Well done
      Yes, I have done this one horse circus before. First as a fairly successful silversmith/ jeweler, then as a sculptor/ blacksmith. I sort of burned out on the business end of it. Went into heavy fabrication and machining and enjoyed the charm of a regular pay check for a few years, but realized i like being my own boss and set up a fabricatory and machine shop catering to the maritime trades… but thats another story.
      here are some photos from the 1970s &’80s:
      Click image for larger version

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      • Click image for larger version

Name:	8DBEEA1B-EDD3-4691-87CF-9D99B3C3C89C.jpg
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ID:	1985033 Made another part for my taper attachment. Click image for larger version

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        I cut it off twice; it's still too short
        Oregon, USA


        • Originally posted by J Tiers View Post
          I sure do like that last pic!
          That’s a favourite of mine,those views aren’t seen by many as the terrain can be challenging.The peaks on right side of pic took some strategic route finding to access those🤓

          Always been fascinated by Mountains,I have a nice Hardcover Book 100 tallest peaks and was surprised that Mt Mckinley was not in it.It’s 231 on list but is the Tallest Land Based Mountain on the Planet,it’s taller than Everest from Base to Peak.
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          • That which cannot be done. Welded and strong. Learning.
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            • Vaporized some coolant


              • Originally posted by Tundra Twin Track View Post

                . . . Mt Mckinley was not in it.It’s 231 on list but is the Tallest Land Based Mountain on the Planet, it’s taller than Everest from Base to Peak.
                I just ran across this alternate way of comparing the height of a mountains for the first time a few days ago.

                Here's a third way. Measured from the center of the earth both Everest and Denali (McKinley) are far from the tallest peaks on earth. Mt. Chimborazo in Ecuador, being the tallest, but there are others in South America and Africa also taller than Everest. This is due to equatorial bulge.


                • The folks on Guam say they're living atop the highest mountain; there just happens to be a lot of water all around. They're measuring from the bottom of the Mariana trench.
                  Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


                  • Originally posted by lynnl View Post
                    The folks on Guam say they're living atop the highest mountain; there just happens to be a lot of water all around. They're measuring from the bottom of the Mariana trench.
                    Just interjecting a little point here. As we know, Guam will soon tip over so is their measurement method still valid?

                    And for those outside the usa, here's a government figure expounding on it. Pure brilliance from this moron.
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                    • Thankfully, the two years I was out there it didn't tip over. Just a slightly noticeable tilt when a typhoon passed nearby. ...seemed to be most noticeable after a few beers.
                      Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


                      • I bought this 14k dump trailer and there is no place for chains, binders, or straps. I cut and welded up a bracket to bolt a tool box on the side of the frame. I had to be careful because the trailer is at the width legal limit so could not go to wide. Still need to make a mud flap so the tire does not throw mud on the box.

                        1st - cut weld drill bracket. 2nd clamp bracket to frame to drill 1/2" holes upward through trailer frame. 3rd done and spare tire clears lol.

                        Edit to add > made a mud flap from an old truck mud flap (4th and 5th pictures).

                        Click image for larger version  Name:	Cut weld drill bracket.jpg Views:	113 Size:	223.9 KB ID:	1985591 Click image for larger version  Name:	bracket clamped and ready to drill.jpg Views:	111 Size:	237.5 KB ID:	1985593 Click image for larger version  Name:	tool box mounted.jpg Views:	113 Size:	196.9 KB ID:	1985594 Click image for larger version

Name:	Old mud flap.jpg
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Name:	Mud flap installed.jpg
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                        • Went to turn off the water yesterday afternoon to one of the 4 risers here to work on a unit, and the ancient 1" gate valve handle was stuck. I put a plier on it and it spun and started dripping from a joint below the packing bonnet that is not supposed to move! I figured quit while I was ahead at that point and put a hose clamp around the whole thing to prevent it blowing out, since I had no idea what was going on in there.

                          I knew this day would come for that valve. Today went and got a 1" ball valve and repair coupling in Sharkbite. 4 floors and old shutoffs make it really hard to sweat copper because water keeps dripping down to the basement, even pros will use Sharkbite in these circumstances. Cut out the valve, cleaned up the old copper with fine steel wool (Sharkbite doesn't like sanded copper), lubed up everything real good with silicone grease, and got it all in with no leaks. But before that, I addressed an old artifact here, the tee from the 1" to my water heater and yard hose bibs was only 1/2", so in the repair section I soldered in a 3/4 tee and a ball valve with a foot of pipe and a cap, so I can change the tie in to 3/4 someday when I feel inclined, without having to turn off all the water to the tenants and deal with the dripping.

                          Figure a plumber around here would have charged $3-400. Cost me $440 the other day to have a guy clean out my dryer and bath vent ducts that are 22 ft up. I don't do ladders that high even if I had one! When I restacked my new washer with the dryer a couple of weeks ago I pitched the old flex pipe, ran a vac into the ~10' duct, and then a duct brush, but neither could make it past the ell in the pipe. But then the dryer wouldn't heat. Turns out the duct is completely blocked! All I accomplished was loosening enough lint so when the dryer blew, it slammed it all against the louvers and created a solid plug! 13 years of lint will do that I guess. Grrrr.
                          Location: Jersey City NJ USA


                          • Finally got some time to get back out in the garage to finish my forge build. Well, a step closer to finishing it anyway lol.

                            I still need to build a cart for it. I want the propane forge on one side, and a coal/solid fuel on the other. I picked up a bunch of angle for it last week, so I'll get going on it this week hopefully.

                            Once I get the cart built I can finish the piping for the blower etc.

                            Heading back out now to clean up ( I HATE grinding inside....), and maybe cut some fiber blanket to start lining it.


                            • Looking good Dan!


                              • I wish I had the room for one. I have several stainless barrel shaped beer kegs that would make great forges.
                                I have made 3 BBQs from kegs. They last for ever.
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                                I would rather have tools that I never use, than not have a tool I need.
                                Oregon Coast