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  • Took the morning off work and cut down my childhood swing and climbing tree (red maple) in my Dads backyard. I'm going to take a big live edge slab out of the trunk for my bathroom vanity top.


    • Originally posted by J Tiers View Post
      To avoid transferring Zebra mussels?
      we have quagga mussels out here, if the dog smells them on your boat or trailer you can't launch.
      san jose, ca. usa


      • We wanted a gate on our deck. Picked up a kiddie gate at a yard sale for $2. I had to cut it and realign it. The do a little carpentry to fill gap

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        • Originally posted by plastikosmd View Post
          Looks great!
          thanks! You should have seen what it looked like to start with.. Sold my old one last night for $30, so now I have some spare "tool money"


          • Finished two mill updates this morning.
            The first was belt guards. After cleaning out the start of a barn swallow nest, I had to get something up there. I may add screen to the back side to keep mud dauber out also. The knob is spring loaded--You just push and turn to unlatch.


            Back Side:

            Second was the need to shorten the handles on the speed wrench for the new vise. As it came, it interfered with the Y-Feed handle. I cut about 1 1/2" off the rods and rethreaded for the 10mm x 1.0 knobs. I liked this one since it was all steel.

            It clears now.


            • Blanks for 1911 barrel bushings


              I'll finish them this weekend by CNC profiling the two rings.
              If you benefit from the Dunning-Kruger Effect you may not even know it ;-)


              • We lost A/C upstairs in our house last night. I went outside to check the compressor and the fan was running but the compressor was not so I shut down the system. Today I went out to see what the problem was. I connected hi/low gauges and there was plenty of refrigerant so I was glad it wasn't that. I turned it on and the compressor worked again so I figured that maybe it was in thermal shutdown. I then looked closely at the cooling fins and noticed they were caked with dust so I ended up taking all of the steel grating off so I could carefully vacuum everything I could out of the cooling fins. Luckily she is running like a champ now. I was worried the compressor burnt out. We have two 5 ton R-22 compressors for cooling and they are hard to find. I bought two Goodman 5-ton units in 2013 and it was hard to find R-22 back then. When these R-22 units finally fail I'll probably have to get new line sets and evaporator coils/etc for something other than R-22.


                • Wash the coils out thoroughly at least once a year. A regular hose end sprayer works fine.
                  Cheap insurance - if you haven't replaced the capacitors in recent memory, you will be ahead of the game if you go ahead and do so (don't buy the cheapest ones you can find, however), or at least have a pair on hand. Look at the contacts on the relay, check all the connections, etc while you are in there.
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                  • Helped a friend mount some cabinets at the senior center. They keep inviting me to join, though I'm MUCH too young for a senior center. )

                    Helped the friend's friend figure out why his burglar alarm was going off. The contact plate for the switch had fallen off the inside of the door's edge. The switch was within a fraction of an inch from going off with the door closed and bolted. A folder over business card and some tape took care of it till his handyman gets around to adding a small brass plate again.

                    Spent a half hour helping my woodworking friend to use Librecad on files that he created 20 years ago with autocad when he taught drafting. He could use the program, but was confused about the way that the files had been saved by the 5 different CAD programs that he'd tried to use since losing the license to autocad 5 years ago. He was not helped by the fact that windows file manager was not showing that clockface.dxf was different than the same file with a tilde (~) at the end. It just showed two files by the same name. The good news? We figured out the problem and he was able to print out the clock faces for the handmade personalized clocks that he presents to retiring teachers. He now has a working program that will not age out on him. It will work on Linux too!

                    It sucks to have to relearn a new interface for something you used to teach just because the stupid licensing can't handle the fact that computers sometimes die and licenses get lost.
                    At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and left over parts.

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                    • I took the vfd off my lathe because the external encoder stopped working and it was stuck in stall mode, and as a work around wired the motor up to 3phase, since I have a clutch and gearbox and can reach the off switch anyway, and its cured the odd vibration I was fighting since I replaced the main spindle and went to vfd drive at the same time, that I assumed was related to the spindle change itself. While I liked soft start, reversing, braking and infinitely variable speed, I'm not sure it'll be going back on as its been trouble since I done the conversion and its just so much smoother now it seems, its a different feel completely. Maybe I'll just add a reverse switch inline and save the vfd for a cnc lathe in the future which will have a motor with a encoder to start with.

                      Then, once my lathe was working again, bonded with it again turning up some dies for a niagra bead roller I got a while back, using some stainless fished out the offcuts bin. I only ever had the weird can lid gear style dies so never used it, but a day tinkering on the lathe and I had a stepped pair for doing joggles for joining panels and a raised semi circle that can do flat panel beads also bead hose connections for intercoolers and the like too. I turned a form tool for the female semi circle and ran the lathe low speed and it didn't chatter, then I eyeballed the male matching die using the female die as a master, and it came out pretty good.
                      Then spent a fun hour playing with sheet putting beads into it. Good fun 1 day project. Think tomorrow I'll make a tipping die and a few others I seen browsing round tonight while the tooling and sequences are all fresh in my mind. You spend so long on some projects its hard to see the end of the tunnel, I think I need some more 1 day fun jobs to look for round the shop.


                      • Organizing a pile of lathe inserts, this came as part of a package deal and I never really looked through them. I generally use high-speed steel. Not sure what I will really do with them but it was nice to see what I have
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                        • Nice lot of tooling. I have a bunch of leftover holders and inserts from a long-ago failed business attempt. I cut the holders down to fit in my smaller lathe. I love insertable tooling; chip a corner, just put in a new one and keep going. Especially nice when cutting threads.


                          • Was on my way to the barn (shop) and happened to glance down on the pathway. YIKES! About a 4' Diamond Back was sunning on the path. Ran (a quick hobble) back to the house to get backup. When I came back out, he had moved over near the garden. Had to dispatch him. All other nonvenomous snakes are welcome but not the rattlers.


                            • I did some more work on the paths going up the hill behind my houses:


                              Then I used my electric string trimmer to mow my front yard of weeds:

                              I also received my order of digitized Super 8 movies from Taken 1974-1978:

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                              • Originally posted by vpt View Post
                                I finished the nut cross feed nut and there was little improvement. I think an adjustable nut would be the only way to get .050 or better backlash with the little acme screw.
                                Sounds like that would be the fix right? Do you go a lil under and over or just spot on and over? JR