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    Well, I did something that has a tad in common with Sir John- I pulled a couple transformers out of equipment, and also some motors. One of the motors has an offset pin gone, but thankfully the manufacturer thought to put two holes in the eccentric, so I can make a pin to fit and press it into the new hole. I'm not even going to worry about balancing it- the pin is 1/16 diameter and 1/2 inch long Oh, and both transformers fit in one pocket of my jacket
    I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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      I just finished up a handwheel to replace the crank for the knee on my mill. I saw it on Frank Fords website and had to have one for myself. The handwheels and knobs are on sale in the enco flyer this month. It works perfectly.

      Frank's page.



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        Now you just need to add a motor so you only need the wheel for fine adjustments.


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          I started work on an ITB setup for a customers civic.

          Cut the manifold flange and injector bungs off.

          Need to reuse the old water nipple and make this project on topic with machining so i found a chunk of steel the size of the nipple.

          And turn it down to fit inside the nipple for alignment.




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            And hit with hammer.

            Using honda 954RR throttle bodies, the bonus is the car TPS plug plugs right into the stock TPS on the ITB's.



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              Lines up pretty good right off the bat!


              More to come.


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                I added 400 GB of RAID5 SAN storage to a 2-node clustered Unix system, and 100 GB each to two stand-alone Unix systems though technically I wrapped that up at around 1:00 am, PST. Then I handled several shoulder tap account related issues (forgot password), made screen shots of simulated ssh intrusion attempts including intentionally locking out my own account on a 12 year-old Tru64 Unix system just to show it still works.

                Then I did some rolling maintenance reboots of some servers to allow patch updates to activate, corrected a mail smarthost problem, and just for the pure adventure of it, I shut down access in DNS to the root "." DNS servers on the internet in a lab environment to see how long it would take for the first error to be logged (18 minutes).

                As I was about to start cooking up a flat iron steak I noted the packaging had been tampered with, so I put it out on the back lawn for the coyote bitch out back that is nursing a pup. Was gone in less time to write it up.

                Oh yeah - then I swapped out the sound track on this video for one taken with a digital recorder at the same presentation. At about 2 minutes in I amped it up, added some echo, compression, and gain.

                It's my wife's singing group.

                All in all a pretty quiet day.

                Edit: Speaking of that digital recorder - this is probably worth a thread of it's own. It is a pocket sized Sony:

                And here's the microphone:

                It was clamped to a mic stand and placed just ahead of the director in the video. It's an amazing combination.
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                  Moped around the house as bored as heck, whinged about always being either sick or injured (sometimes both) and made more "friends"/otherwise pissed off the entire community on the HSM BB


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                    Originally posted by PeteF
                    Moped around the house as bored as heck, whinged about always being either sick or injured (sometimes both) and made more "friends"/otherwise pissed off the entire community on the HSM BB
                    Some days are like that


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                      I used a vertical CNC mill as a CNC lathe by putting the stock in the spindle and the tool in the vise. It was really neat how I could cut arbitrary chamfer angles, turn a ball-end radius, and increase the spindle speed when the diameter got smaller. Also, awesome surface finish.


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                        Repaired a book cart that had collapsed from being overloaded, and added a frame of 1" angle on the bottom to prevent a recurrence.

                        Completed milling the frame for the ball turning fixture I'm building.


                        Welded up a platform for mounting a 10KW Generac emergency generator on a small trailer.
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                          Installed $25 remote readout vertical scale from Grizzly (T 21577) on my Jet JVM 836 milling machine.




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                            Sat in an office chair wishing I were someplace else doing something in which I could get immersed.


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                              Ran 'round like a blue-a****d fly sorting out a VFD to drive a tread mill, so a Bollywood stuntman can be seen to run at 50mph along a road (and leap cars at a single bound)



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                                Finally finished installation of DRO Pros 3-axis readout on my Jet mill. Should probably take pictures for their web site, if they want to use them.

                                There are probably better ways I could have built the mount for the Z axis scale, which were need because the Z ways were the only plumb and square vertical surfaces on the machine. Amazing what one can do with short hunks of angle and a zillion screws when one is motivated!

                                Now, I gotta figure out what it was I was going to do that I needed the DRO for.