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    I replaced the rear axle seals in one of our chevys today.


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      became disgusted when the boss managed to knock a 16mm chuck off it's JT taper WITHOUT loosening the MT2 in the DP spindle......

      It was my chuck too... more elsewhere.
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        Made a "Frank-Fordamejig", thanks Frank!

        Hmmm, have to figure out this photo business. Stand-by ... let's see if this works. Sorry about my lousy iPhone pictures. First pic is parts before powder coating, second installed on lathe.

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          Got my parallelogram copy router to the testing stage.


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            I made a pair of platten tool rests, one for my belt grinder, another for a friend. The Mitre is from my Baldor tool grinder.

            What did I learn? Make sure the damn mill is spinning the correct direction before hitting the metal with the 6 insert face mill 6 inserts snapped off...
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              Easy day cleaning parts from my newly acquired DSG lathe.
              Hurts too much to do anything else. I spent yesterday crawling around under my rental fixing plumbing.
              I'm too old for this.
              Guaranteed not to rust, bust, collect dust, bend, chip, crack or peel


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                Something that PeteF forgot to mention that he did today was: he cleaned, waxed and polished/buffed his lathe. Nice work on the "Frank-Fordamejig". I made one of those last week.

                I would rather have tools that I never use, than not have a tool I need.
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                  finished the log lifter for the wood splitter.Going to love this mod.! Back feels years younger watching this work every time..
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                    Originally posted by lugnut
                    Something that PeteF forgot to mention that he did today was: he cleaned, waxed and polished/buffed his lathe. Nice work on the "Frank-Fordamejig". I made one of those last week.
                    Ha ha, actually it's just been reassembled and it's getting dirty. On the one hand I'm thinking "Noooooo!" but on the other hand it looks pretty good I think, certainly much better than it comes up in photos, and turns SO nice now, so I think "Yeeessss". Ok I'll admit, I do wipe it down after each use though.

                    The bearing tool sure works well doesn't it, such a simple idea and possibly the easiest thing to make.



                    • Today I went to the WEME (Western engine model expo) in Vallejo. I had the honor of meeting the owner of LMS, and I got to use the "executive pencil sharpener". The pencil sharpener is powered by a hit-n-miss engine. There must have been a hundred different model engines there.

                      They are open tomorrow (sunday) till 3 PM.

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                      At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and left over parts.

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                      • Not a lot of machining but my garden shed was starting to show its age so about a month ago I decided it was time to fix it up a bit. From the pictures you will note that there is a maple tree next to it, that tree did not exist when I built the shed. However it self planted itself and then proceeded to grow. Early on I was going to pull it out but was informed that it was a “nice little tree and I should leave it”. Well it obviously continued to grow some and since then and it got to the point where it was caving in the side of the shed. Clearly there is no way I could save the old shed I just needed to tear it down and build a new one.

                        Now I could have just copied the old design or even done the unthinkable and just gone out and bought a new one. But what’s the fun in that, plus I would then end up with a typical generic garden shed. So I decided to design my own and do something a little different. This is the result.

                        Used the sheet metal from an old computer cabinet to make the candle holders. Cut, bent, welded, and powder coated them. The candles are white delrin and their flames are 150 watt halogen lamps. The moat, hard to see in picture, has a small water fountain. At night a dozen solar powered LED’s light up the windows with a soft yellow light.


                        • Outstanding, I love it!

                          Tree still there, right?


                          • Today- made a spur of the moment decision to drive out to Chilliwack lake. Used to be a favorite spot until the hoards got to know about it. Was nice anyway to get out and simply enjoy nature. This is not a typical suntanners destination, but it sure was hard to keep my eyes in my head at times. They just weren't built like that in my day-
                            I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


                            • Up until lunchtime, I'd done nothing other than drink coffee.
                              Was planning to trim a few shrubs before the weather gets warmer but rain put a stop to that.
                              Put on some lamb shanks for dinner, should be ready in a few hours.

                              So the day wasn't a total loss, trammed the X2 mill and took a few measurements with a view to CNC.

                              Rest of the time, and tonight, is to be spent studying computer stuff for a job interview on Wednesday. Apparently my resume MAY have mentioned a level of expertise in a few areas that exceeds reality - at least I'll have time to brush up on a few buzz words.
                              My place.


                              • Had a string of bad luck these last three weeks. Had a power surge that took out the microwave, two DVD players, stereo system, several wall warts, and the air conditioner control module and transformer. Got the air conditioner working first thing. Lawn tractor broke a belt, water softener had to be replaced. Rather than spend $800+ dollers on a new one, I bought the resin media and rebuilt the unit. It works great now, but I broke and the main water pipe coming from the water pump that had rusted as thin as the galvanizing. I'm currently repairing rotted window sills that I fixed last year but found that the Behr paint with built in primer doesn't stick to the Armstrong wood putty, resewed our 15x25 awning that had a seam let go down the middle, continued work on a Boyer Schultz surface grinder rebuild, (pictures will be posted eventually...).
                                Eric Sanders in Brighton, Michigan