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  • What did you do today?

    Tell us what you did today.

    I installed ball bearings in my cross slide.
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    Had been thinking of doing that for a long time as well, so it was a noticeable difference then?


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      This is what's nice about this forum. Ideas like this that can be applied to any other lathe. Another one for the'todo' list. VPT, what year is your lathe? Jim
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        Single pointed my M24x1.5 spindle nut/hub adapters for a customer's car, then saw another customer's friends car to verify that the intake I'm building him pretty much has zero clearance and will be a PITA.

        I also mounted my LCD monitor in the cnc mill and found a really long 25 pin serial cable for it at a surplus joint for 13 bucks.

        Now I'm watching DIY network comedy of errors renovation shows with the fam.


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          I hunted for the dead mouse in my downstairs that's been stinking up my home, no thanks to my cat. He caught it, but likes to play with his food , and it escaped into my log walls. You did ask.


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            Helped my son work on his rifle.


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              Made my weekly trip down to visit the mission and the pastor in Matamoros Tamaulipas Mexico. And no - didn't hear any gunshots or anything of the sort.
              Enjoyed the 85 degree weather.


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                I've been plugging away at a gearless clock per Philip Woodward's design and today I managed to mount the escapement and verify that it seems to work. A minor milestone, lots more to go.


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                  I finished rebuilding two propane cyl charging guns and TIGed three aluminum handles for them.

                  Then I repaired my grader blade for my tractor that I severely damaged when cleaning a ditch last week. I am going to do some serious mod's on the grader blade to make it stronger.

                  Then I went out and cleaned up some of the ditch with the FEL and used the grader blade to dress the road where the tractor tires dug the gravel up.

                  Then I machined one FEL bucket tooth and checked the fit and it was good. I will do the other 5 teeth for the FEL bucket and mount them.

                  Then I can get the damn rocks out of the ditch the company that laid a water line in my near perfect ditch left in it mounded up so the water ran over the road instead of in the ditch. They told me they would be sure to leave a ditch for the water to run down but they left it higher than the road. I will have a serious talk with them and they WILL put some gravel on the road when I get things straighten out.
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                    It rained most of the day here and in true "caveman" style I ddnt get out of the cave much. Hey, caveman would not have gone out unless he was hungry or something.

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                      I decided my new 3" x 4" tilting table needed clamps and t-nuts. So I made a few clamps out of some small thick-wall pipe.

                      They can be tightened down really quite tight, which surprised me somewhat. I still will probably make some more traditional ones with step blocks.

                      The table

                      Here are some of the clamps holding down a knob (for no particular reason other than the picture.)

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                        pipe for clamps !!

                        J Tiers,

                        Thanks for posting that !!



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                          If you would have asked that question last week, I would have said a new tool post for a G&E shaper. Tool post is mystery steel, thoght it was mild but it was noticably tougher. Bolt is 4140PH, and the dog bone is A2 which some day I will heat treat if I ever get around to building an oven.



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                            Been making accessories for my 2x72 belt grinder that I just finished building. I would like to have several diameters of contact wheels, a platen and a fender to keep crap out of my face !
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                              Helped install another 50' of track on my local live steam railroad, our new line is almost complete. Just have to finish the switch tomorrow and add some more ballast.