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  • Universal Vernier Protractor

    Some time back a number of HSM members purchased some of these protractors. I'm curious how they've been working out, and what kinds of projects they fit into.

    The original thread:

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    as I said in your referenced link, I bought one from Beal in the US and it was both fairly poor and expensive, but with a bit of tweaking it was not too bad.

    I did run it over my "Vertex" angle blocks and while it was mostly pretty OK I did note the errors down and was going to "allow" for them.

    I followed John Stevenson and Lazlo and bought one direct from China (Hong Kong). That was a vastly improved product, price and delivery. It was very accurate.

    I have found it to be very accurate and smooth to operate - but I do need to get the chart out if I haven't used it in a while. There were no instructions with either protractor.

    I do think that the second one (direct from China) is a very good tool - irrespective of the price.

    I do find that I tend to go for the yellow plastic job - which has a vernier to 10 minutes - as it is small and very versatile and surprisingly accurate too. I bought a "spare" - just in case!!

    I tend to use bevel guages on the mills and grinders as 0.1* (6 minutes) is good enough for most jobs - screwing tools included. I use the plain bevel guages with a protractor but the digital bevel guage (all are 0.1*) work well on its own but can be awkward to get it in sometimes.

    So, to answer your question.

    Yes - I do think it is a very useful tool and I would buy another if I lost or damaged the one I've got.

    But it, like many tools, is only one of a set as while any one may do many jobs well, it is unlikely that it will do them all. So, I have a range of tools and options which covers most, but by no means all, contingencies.

    I, like several here that I know of, have been very satisfied and impressed in all respects with the stuff I've bought directly from a couple of distributors in China and I won't hesitate to do it again.

    If Bealls (US) is any way typical of some in the US - here in OZ too - they get (or are given?) the lower quality stuff and have one helluva mark-up compared to the traders from China.

    Most of my stuff is from China - and most of that is "Vertex" or equivalent - and I do have to "tweak" some of it - very little and minor non-important stuff - but once that's done the stuff is very good for my purposes.

    I agree with the comments in your link regarding ArcEurotrade (UK) as their stuff is very expensive by the time it gets here, but as John Stevenson has explained that is due to very high UK postage and insurance. I have no quibble at all with ArcEuro as their prices are very good and as that included very good product and service, I am very satisfied with them. I have bought quite a few items from them and all were "spot on" in all respects. I have no doubt that their service and support are just as as good.


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      You know guys, I wake up every morning secure in the comfort that I don't do anything that would require there use My projects go slow enough as it is and that's all I'd need to bring them to a grinding halt. Most everything I do requires 90degrees and Tiffie supplied the answer to that when he posted about the cylinder square years ago.

      I will admit, they'd sure look good on a bench near the shop door for ambiance!
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        Oldtiffie: great post, it gave me some tips.

        I used a starett bevel protractor the other day to measure the angle on some carbide inserts to help identify them.

        Like many tools this is one that you don't use all the time, can probably figure ways around it, but sure does the job nice when called into action.


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          Lateral thinking.

          Glad to have helped gda.

          Its surprising how many people don't consider getting a shape with one tool and transferring to another as you did for the actual measurement.