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What is the world's most common thread?

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    Silly people, this is by far the most common thread around here:
    Play Brutal Nature, Black Moons free to play highly realistic voxel sandbox game.


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      The bicycle spoke is a good one, and might even have a shot at the most common.

      A lot of people seem to have guessed at larger metric, m6, m8, m10. I think they have to be wrong. (perhaps they were too busy perpetuating myths about the USA to think)

      Most things that are produced in large quantity have a quantity of smaller screws, from m2 to m5, in them. So my thought is that the m3 or m4 is probably the most common.

      And for whoever mentioned pitch etc, saying m4 or "m anything" below 8 or 10 GIVES the pitch automatically, as finer pitches are uncommon in the smaller sizes. Above that, the sky is the limit. I know of at least 5 pitches used for an m12.

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      Hashim Khan

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        I have found it interesting that, in the US, two supposedly rare threads are quite common. The 5-40 thread was (still is?) standard for many years for the wire terminals on household electrical switches and receptacles, 2-4 per switch and 4 per receptacle. Normally captive, rarely removed or replaced. The 12-24 thread similarly was (still is?) standard for the screws that hold the halves of through the door locks together. Not captive and often removed, but not replaced.
        Don Young


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          Umm, Evan's flu thread?


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            I was thinking it was a toss-up between the flu thread and the Chinese drywall thread. I though the eagle thread might be a runner-up but it lost it's way.


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              Drywall screws, got to be
              James Kilroy


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                A new guy here. I will go with with bike spokes, although Coates gets a nod. (I use a sewing machine about as often as I use a lathe.


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                  Originally posted by Alistair Hosie
                  I think probably a metric m6 or thereabouts.Alistair And MR Stevenson answer the question properly please you never see me giving silly answers Oh looooord itttts haaaard to be humbeeel when I get bettea looking each daaaaaaay

                  Oh lord it's hard to be humble, when you're perfect in every way.

                  Thank ya, thank ya very much.


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                    Ah... okay, dig this one:

                    The Schrader Valve thread.



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                      Originally posted by websterz
                      Probably a spun cotton, either in basic black or white. My wife has several spools of each.
                      I would say polyester myself. It is had to find cotton thread these days.


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                        Forget the camera, 1/4-20 thing, there must be at least two bicycles to every camera in the world. And each has two wheels and many of those spoke screw threads. But then forget the spoke thread, because every one or those bicycles (well most of them) would be owned by someone in a house of some kind. And houses in this day and age are made with dry wall - which is attached with dry wall screws. Sooooo.....

                        I don't have any statistics to back it up, but I suggest that the most common thread would be on a wood or sheet metal screw, not any of the machine screws. I would guess the most common would be the thread on the standard dry wall screw.
                        Paul A.
                        SE Texas

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                        You will find that it has discrete steps.


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                          most common

                          I would have to guess 1/4-20
                          Dallas Richardson


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                            6mm lowenherz
                            Precision takes time.


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                              The most common thread is the online variety about sex!!!!!


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                                This is a thought-provoking thread.

                                Depends what you mean by common! As far as I know, the camera-tripod ¼-20 thread is common to cameras made and used all over the world. A perfect case of standardisation. You will not be troubled by finding a small camera with a different thread (large cameras may have the larger (3/8) thread). The threads were originally Whitworth form, but the fit isn’t critical so I suppose UNC may be used as well.

                                Perhaps this is the only example of a ‘common’ thread?

                                In terms of the most widely-used thread, i.e. which thread is used on more fasteners than any other, we will never know. My guess is that it will be something small with a cross head, used in cars or phones or toys or other mass-produced product.

                                As for bicycle spokes, a good answer, but they come in various diameters. I don’t know whether the thread form, pitch, etc varies between countries.