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Pinging Evan - is all OK?

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  • Pinging Evan - is all OK?

    This is the most recent post I can find from Evan.

    This one is of concern as he had a kidney stones complaint.

    You say the worm is supported by ball bearings, but the bottom right picture looks like a bronze bearing? Or is that a flash artifact?
    Originally posted by Evan
    You observe correctly. I changed the design at that time so that it is all ball bearing.

    Paul, I will have to go count it myself. Since it is CNC and that is the intended mode of operarion it really doesn't matter what the step per degree work out to. Not only is there a gear down on the pulley but it will by running in 1/4 step mode.

    Sorry for not being very responsive to questions today but I am in the middle of a kidney stone attack. I am guessing that being slow roasted over an open fire might be more comfortable.
    There have been very few posts since.

    I hope Evan is OK and is back here shortly.

    Does anyone here have any advise of Evan's condition?

    Can anyone who knows his home phone number or his wife's work phone number, email address or web address contact her and give him my regards at least and see when we can expect him back and let us know here on the forum?

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    Also wishing all is well or will be soon With Evan and hoping for the best.


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      ech...kidney stones...

      Hope all is well, but those damn things knock me on my ass for days at a time!


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        I have sent an email to a possible contact.

        I do not know with certainty whether the recipient will have any knowledge.
        So do not let my tentative efforts dissuade others from pursuing their
        own leads.



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          He's probably just busy.
          I just clicked onto Evan's profile and it said his last activity here was at 6:59 PM.
          He couldn't have gone too far.
          Not quite AWOL yet.
          Home, down in the valley behind the Red Angus
          Bad Decisions Make Good Stories​


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            Hi all. Sarah here, Evans daughter.

            My dad is suffering a lot of pain from a probable gall bladder issue. He is under medical care, at home. Hopefully he will not be in this level of pain for long.

            I want to thank you all for the concern, you have no idea what it means to me.


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              Wish him best of luck getting through that quickly
              Tom C
              ... nice weather eh?


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                Back into it

                Thanks Sarah - appreciated.

                These are the times when "family" counts.

                I am glad that all is under control (Evan too? Or is that too big an ask?).

                Give Evan my best regards and tell the old war-horse to get back into the fray here as soon as he is fit enough - its too damned quiet!!


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                  Send Evan our good wishes. Hope he feels well soon.
                  He's only not posted for a couple of days and already it seems quiet here.
                  Thank you Sarah for giving us an update.
                  This place is not the same without him.

                  Home, down in the valley behind the Red Angus
                  Bad Decisions Make Good Stories​


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                    Sarah, I'm sending along my best thoughts for a speedy recovery, and really hope he is up and at-em soon. So many projects!

                    Good thoughts and well wishes,

                    I just like to make stuff.


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                      Yes, hope all turns out well for him- from a fellow british columbian here in Chilliwack.
                      I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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                        The pain is subsiding to a level that is merely miserable rather than intolerable. Unfortunately the fibromyalgia I suffer has the effect of acting as a pain amplifier. I spent an evening in the ER during which time I received enough morphine to sedate a horse and it had zero effect on the pain. The doctor didn't believe me. He prescribed an incorrect and ineffective antibiotic as well. Fortunately our family physician is much better trained and I am now under the correct treatment. Up untill now I have had a blinding migraine to go along with the abdominal pain which has made it impossible to think.

                        Thanks for the concern guys and thanks Sarah for spreading the news for me.

                        I am probably going to be out of action for at least a few more days.
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                          All the best Evan, my Partner had several gall bladder attacks before there was an opening for an operation (pun intended). She said the pain was worse than childbirth and having witnessed her through both I well believe her.

                          She had her Gall Bladder removed with keyhole surgery which used 3 incisions; the biggest about an inch long. Just because it was keyhole fooled us into believing it was minor surgery, which it wasn't. It took about 3 weeks for her to recover.

                          Whatever the actual ailment, i hope it is resolved soon.


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                            You heal up and come back, Evan. You might be a curmudgeon, but by golly, you're our curmudgeon.

                            Besides, without you, who would John have to argue with?

                            Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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                              This is a tough one for sure. It will take a few days to get over this. I haven't eaten anything since last Friday. Fortunately I can live off the fat of the land for a while..
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