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    Hello everyone. I have been reading this board for a couple of years, and after speaking with Mr. G.A.Ewen in Estevan this past weekend I have decided to finaly say hello to all of you and thank you for the many tips I have gotten off of this board. I have a 3 in 1 machine and I quit like it. I know what ,most of you guys think about htem but I cannot afford big machines yet. Perhaps in a couple of years I'll own some professional stuff. Here are some pics from the Estevan Show @ HTTP://

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    No need to be shy. Great pictures, thanks.

    Those people just amaze me with their ability.

    Don't knock that 3 in 1 machine. In capable hands, they are quite adequate.



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      Thanks for the pictures. Isn't that G.A. Ewen himself with his engine block mill in picture #17? I think I recognize him from a picture he posted, but the mill looks familiar too.

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        Welcome aboard!
        Thanks for posting the pics - looks like there was lots of nice 'stuff' there.

        Don't worry about what anyone else thinks of the 3 in 1s...if you like yours, that's what counts.

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          Welcome aboard, very nice pictures, and I see you have George running his horizontal engine mill. I have met George, and find he is a real nice guy with plenty of smarts. I only wish he and I were living closer together, so I could learn something from him. Maybe I can talk him into taking me with him next year. I'll talk to him one of these days and see what can be arranged...Jim


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            No matter what you have for a machine. Astounding work can be done with a file. It's all up to the machinist.

            Come on in, the oil's fine.
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              Glad you have become a reformed lurker!
              I don't think anyone really slams the 3 in 1 machines. We all know that ANY lathe, however small, worn, cheap, or whatever, is a lot better then none. Many of the people posting, question if they should get a combo unit verses seperate machines, and on that point most of us agree. A machine is just a machine, the operator is the artist.
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                Shaque said: "I have met George, and find he is a real nice guy with plenty of smarts."

                Had to smile when I read this because I can, and would like to, make the exact same statement. George stopped in at my place on his way west and I surely did enjoy visiting with him.

                So, Jim, it's settled then - I'll be expecting to see both you and George at my place next year at 'show time'.


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                  Hello, thanks for the pics...


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                    Thanks for the many welcomes. The Estevan show is about the only one that I have been going to for the past several years and really enjoy it. The craftsmanship is astounding!!! Yes, that Is George running is Engine Mill. He is a very talented man.



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                      I would like to tell you all about some of the pics but I don't have the time right now. Howevere, pics 18,19 and 21 are creations of Mr. Clayton Punshon. He is one of the founding member of the Regina Model Engineering Group. We meet the third thursday of every month. We have plenty of very talented men in the group. If anyone is in Regina at that time please advise and we would love to have you attend a meeting. Even if you just get to Regina please advise and maybe we could get together for some good shoptalk and beers, or lunch.


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                        Welcome aboard!

                        Excellent pics from a fine show featuring a love affair with machinery always welcome!
                        I just need one more tool,just one!


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                          I really wanted to get to Estevan - maybe next year. Nice pictures! If I get out that way I will have to see if I can arrange it during one of your meetings. I understand you guys have some spiffy Pizza places in Regina (meat monsters).


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                            What happend to the photos?

                            Ok it finally got through this thick head, you have to clik on "Estevan".

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                              I think photobucket had a meltdown.
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