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  • O/T Unicorn log splitter

    Hello again folks;
    A friend of mine pasted away a couple of years ago and I bought a tractor from his estate. Today his daughter gave me a Unicorn log splitter that at one time her father must have purchased, but does not look like he used it very much. Now the reason I say this, is that when I got the tractor, there was a Hydraulic log splitter with it. My question is this, does anyone have any information on this implement? .any experience with it? Operators manual? I have tried locating information on the internet, but to no avail. I will be putting it up for sale soon, so if anybody is interested, let me know by email.
    you'd think I'd know better by now, forgot to tell you where the pics are.
    look for unicorn

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    A threaded cone. I have one that is turned by a 5 HP motor. The whole machine is about the size of a garden tiller. I used it for a number of years because it was light enough to pull on a toboggan into the woods to split the chunks too tough to split with an ax. It had a bar, parallel to the cone, that the chunk would rest against as the cone screwed into the wood. The advantage of one on a tractor would be that it could split any length of log even to split oak poles into fence posts.


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      I don't think that they are sold anymore. They are dangerous outfits that must be used with extreme caution. I wouldn't sell it to some weekend logger from the city. Andy turned one off on his lathe. He followed an idea in Farm Show Magazine where the screw was powered with a 1" electric impact. We tried it with a 1/2" electric and a 1/2" air impact with no success. He may hook it up to his tractor but he has alot of experiance as a machine operator and bush worker. He is like good fire wood, well seasoned.

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        They used to sell one like that which would bolt on to three of the lug nuts on a rear wheel on a vehicle. You jacked it up on one side, blocked the tires and let the the spinning wheel split the wood. Just imagine when it hits a big knot, sticks, and the log starts to thrash around. Maybe knocking the truck off the jack, all sorts of bad things. I have a hydraulic ram splitter with a 36" x 3" ram and a 5 horse Briggs. It will split anything.
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          I don't intend to use this contraption because I have a hydraulic splitter for my tractor, but I was curious as to how the thing works. Like how do you hold the block of wood so you can split it? What stops the block from spinning. From the pictures, you can see a pipe sticking out at an angle, I was wondering what this does, as it won't fit on the top point of my three point hitch, so this leaves the drive shaft as the third point I think. Any ideas, before I sell or scrap this thing or something? I may keep coming back to this thread, as I am one curious SOB.


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            I made one of those about 30 years ago and like Evan mentioned, I welded it to a wheel that was driven with my pickup. It worked well, but like mentioned, I think it would be very dangerous.


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              My geuss is that they were sued out of existance by the survivors/victims relatives
              I can see it now,man with arms and legs flailing going round and round-uh....nope,not for me.
              I just need one more tool,just one!