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    I have 20" floor Dayton 3z919 drill press.
    When I run it there is a slight grinding noise when spindle is
    in "6 o'clock" position.
    You can barely notice if you rotate it by hand but when it is under power it gets pretty bad.

    I took the spindle assembly out. It looks something like this:

    I manually rotate the inside part of the spindle(where the chuck goes in) and I don't feel any grinding/rubbing. It is not not exactly smooth but no grinding or rubbing feel.

    This drill press has a front pulley that sits on bearings too. When I rotate it (while spindle out) there is no grinding. It is pretty smooth.

    But when I put it all together I have the same "bad bearing" noise/vibration.

    Can any one help me to solve the mystery?
    BTW All bearings in the spindle assembly were replaced 3 years ago and this drill press did not see a lot of use.
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    Alex, can you hook up some sort of drive to the spindle while it is out, as in the picture? Maybe a cordless drill or something that is not too noisy.

    If you can get it spinning you may be able too feel the grinding or perhaps use something as a stethoscope to locate the noise.




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      You sure it's not transferring noise from one of the other bearing to the spindle?



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        As long as you have it out, maybe just replace the bearings, they are usually not that expensive.

        Also are you sure one of the motor bearings isn't bad.


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          Also, if there is any slop in the splines at the top, where they go through the pulley. That can give you some noise. My Index vertical mill carried on some until I corrected the problem. There wasn't a great deal of play in the splines either.