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Emergency plumbing patch, need help!

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    Eutectic solder is actually 63/37 if anyone cares.

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      i know this has already been fixed but something i have done to repair holes and cracks in copper tubing in the paper mill quickly was clean the copper brush on a lite coat of flux then wrap it with clean copper wire. then solder the whole mess we also would reinforce tubing with this method where it would get beat up.


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        I just discovered a pinhole leak in a water pipe in the basement. No damage done, my basement is wet anyway.

        I suppose I'll be at he hardware store tonight.

        Timely thread.


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          Originally posted by DICKEYBIRD

          I think I can whip up a 2 piece clamp block with 10-24 screws and a piece of soft silicone hose I have that will fit in the tiny bit of space available between the pipe, tub pipe and a wall stud. I'm CAD'ing up a quick sketch to check clearance now.

          Alt/Tab'ing back to TurboCAD now.
          If all else fails use a bit of two part epoxy, smear it on the back of the Turbocad drawing, wrap it round the pipe followed by 10 layers of duct tape

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            Or rent an intelligent microbot and send it on a fantastic voyage through your water system with a micro glue gun. Don't forget the camera.
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              Shut off the water, cut out as much of the bad section as possible, put in a new section with soldered joints and a union, call'r good to go. Don't mix metals or you'll be back in there again too damn soon.


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                I've seen nail holes in new Cu plumbing soldered shut and covered in new construction. Permanent repair?

                I've soldered pipe split from freezing shut after peening it closed. It has lasted most of a decade so far.
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