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Help taking apart a drill press spindle

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  • Help taking apart a drill press spindle

    I posted this on the Old Woodworker Machines forum but haven't gotten any response. So, I'm trying here.
    I have an old (WW II era) Walker-Turner 1100 drill press with power downfeed. I recently took the downfeed apart to clean a bunch of really old grease off of it. Once I had it all apart, I figured I might as well take the quill and spindle apart to at least make sure everything seems in order.
    Anyone know what the sequence is for this?
    Do most drill presses come apart similarly? I have a manual, but it doesn't explain any disassembly.

    Matt Ashbrook

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    Well the expression don't fix it if it aint broke springs to mind.Your as bad as I am !!! wanting to give old machinery a birthday makeover anyway I have a problem with my elliot downfeed lever broke off.I have taken the wheel housing apart but no more as it looks like I might need more knowledgable help so I left as is as it has a large turnwheel horizontally mounted which is easy as pie to rotate and drill with goes through thich steel like a hot knife through styrofoam or should that be butter anyway don't take it apart unless you are feeling more confident hopefully someone here can help you out Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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      Probably the best advice.
      Like all good advice, I imagine I'll ignore it. But leaving it alone is tempting.