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  • Tool gloat

    Went by the used tool store today and picked this baby up for $90 USD. Iv'e been OK with out one all these years, just been using a building level, but I could not resist adding another tool to the stable.[/IMG]

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    Now mototed there no excuse for not doing your level best!

    Nice buy!

    I have tools I don't know how to use!!


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      A tool like this is not a regular purchase and because of the quality it is better than money in the bank as it will hold it's price over the years and then some .Well done Ted I like it.Alistair
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        Nice, amazeing how accurate they are eh?

        Don't forget you ruin its accuracy by just breathing on it, let alone touching it. :P
        (thermal expansion)

        Iv heard of examples of someone showing one of those levels shift just by shining a bright light on it.
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          Very nice!
          Paul A.

          Make it fit.
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            Thanks guys
            The price was $125 USD and the guy at the store said he would take $90. That was my breaking point I had no ideal what they cost new till I got home.($650 in Enco catalog) I won't use it much, but it's pretty cool tool.
            And yes Black moons, The instructions say not to breathe on it and and it must be handled "intelligently" How cool is that !! Can't wait to show it to my wood working freinds.
            And yes, my lathe was out of level after checking with this one.
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              Just dont try and frame a window with it. It'll drive you nuts

              Just south of Sudspumpwater UK


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                Kewl! Can't see real well on my netbook, but is that the type you need to level a lathe?


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                  HMPH. After all these years, and with todays level of technology, they still can't make a level out of proper materials. Haven't these companies heard of unexpandium?

                  Nice score.
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                    Originally posted by small.planes
                    Just dont try and frame a window with it. It'll drive you nuts

                    or level a pool table.

                    BTW, nice


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                      No doors for this one Dave.
                      I was playing with it, and yes, If you breath on it, It will go "full tilt" Just amazing.


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                        Where is this used tool store? I go down to the Atlanta area somewhat regularly and wouldn't mind checking it out and bringing back some souvenirs.

                        Stuart de Haro


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                          Wow, great deal! It looks brand-new!

                          I paid around $125 for a used 199 on PracticalMachnist, and considered it a good deal!
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                            It's in Athens GA, Name of store is ReTool, next to of all places Home Depot.


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                              A very nice level

                              Nice tool - very.

                              Be aware that Starrett levels of that order of accuracy have (as I recall) an upward "curve/bow" of up to 0.0002".

                              It is no big deal.

                              There was quite a thread on that recently with a lot of very good advice from Starrett - and a few "expert" noses that were put considerably out of joint because of it.

                              Having said that, the thread is excellent reading once the gold is extracted from the dross.

                              I don't have it book-marked, but I'd be surprised if several here don't (have it book-marked).

                              I hope that at least one posts the link to that thread.

                              A couple of bits of advice regarding that level.

                              It will drive you nuts if you use it for everything - due to its sensitivity and the fairly small angle that a full bubble travel involves. Work up to the level by using less accurate levels first and then use the Starrett to "finish off".

                              Learn to check the accuracy (aka that the level is set so that the bubble is centred when the base of the level is truly level).

                              Learn how to re-set the level to zero.

                              Be aware that the level is very sensitive to light and temperature changes.

                              It can take quite a while for the level bubble to "settle" at times - just be patient and let it "do its thing".

                              Keep - and use - your older but still very serviceable less accurate levels.

                              Not all work requires the accuracy - and care - of the Starrett level.