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OT - Pressure washer - Anyone have a recommendation?

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  • OT - Pressure washer - Anyone have a recommendation?

    I'm looking for a small electric pressure washer for use on items around the yard - car, lawnmower, tiller, etc. Does anyone have any recommendations on models that work well?

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    Hate to derail but my friend has a motto of: 'a pressure washer is the worst gift to give and the worst tool to buy, because after you get one, you are expected to use it'

    Not only are they a lot of work to use cleaning up stuff but they have a nasty habit of striping paint, damaging wood, or making you think you should do crazy jobs, like the time my brothers wife tryed to powerwash... the entire roof of the house.
    You can see the 10 or so square feet they did before giving up from googlemaps. Yea, you can actualy see the results of bad powerwashing from space! (Okok yea I know thier not space photos there shots from aircraft)

    On that note, iv allways wanted a parts washer kinda setup that uses a 1000psi jet of solvent or oil, Would be great for flushing the crap outta new chinese gearboxes..
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      We've been using electric pressure washers from Northern Hydraulics for the past 15 years in our lawn equipment business. We use it to wash equipment that we have serviced, so it gets used multiple times a day, nearly every day. In all that time we've only had 2, so I feel they've been pretty good.


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        If you're not running a business, Karcher.

        Regards Ian.
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          I recommend kranzle

          mines ten years old used at least once a fortnight for sometimes for a couple of hours...and has never let me down.

          some of the cheap karcher models have this "total stop system " on them ..the first time the total stop malfunctions (usually just after the warranty expires) will split the pump open.

          all the best.markj
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            I have a 5 hp Karcher with Honda engine. I love it and it gets used alot around the property. Just be careful with the Karcher if you have high mineral deposites in your water. The "un-loader valve" tends to get screwed up with mineral deposites and you have to CLR it to get working. Nothing will clean your lawn furniture including a grungy umbrella like a power washer. 2800 pounds is adequate for most needs.
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              I have this one I brought from Tractor Supply to replace a stolen Craftsman:


              I've been quite happy with it and prefer it over the Sears as it is much easier to start. In general I prefer gas powered pressure washers rather than electric, especially for around the house/yard/etc. They also tend to produce higher pressures, so yes one must pay attention.