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    Before I spew out $250.00 on a co-axial indicator(made by Blake I believe),I'd like to get some opinions from you folks that have used one.It looks like a pretty cool goody to add to my Gerstner box.Thanks again.

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    I've found mine right handy at times, but only paid $70 for it at a flea market. $250 seems high, unless you are talking Canadian dollars (congrats on the hockey golds, if so). J&L seems to have them on sale for $200 or so, there's an import for about 1/2 that and they come up on eBay from time to time.

    Mike near Chicago
    Mike Henry near Chicago


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      The April/May issue of "Machinist's Workshop"
      has plans for an easy one to build that uses your last word indicator. I made one and it works well.



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        Hey Guys,
        I just got one from Enco on sale for $80 dollars. My last one was stolen a few years ago at the shop I was working in, and I had forgot how much I used it. I have already started wearing off the paint! Very useful tools!


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          The Blakes are nice and the Phase 3 unit from Travers may be the same item. Guy Lautard also had plans for one in the "Machinist's Bedside Reader #3" page 83. They are not difficult to make.

          I seen a toolmakers telescope for exact centering (bullseye shootin' at its finest!) in the mill - who needs center punches - problem was I have never seen one since and I am scared as to their cost. But it does not really replace a coax indicator - just veering off topic again!


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            I have a Blake I got from eBay $35.00. It needed the probes, which I made. Also made the Lautard version.

            Both work nicely, and are quite handy. Never could convince myself they were $200+ handy, but sure like them.
            Jim H.