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O.T. Anyone here ever write a book?

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    There is also if you are interested in that. You write and format, then people order and they print and ship.
    Merkel, Tx


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      I looked up the link to the Hosie reminiscence and think this looks good (as I'm quite a reader on a wide variety of topics). One portion of the title is 'Growing Up in a Welsh Valley,' and this tickled me in a serendipitous type of way as I attended 'Welsh Valley Junior High School' in a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suburb.


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        I've written three books, two trade books and a textbook, and am a retired professor of journalism. Send me an email and I'll try to help.

        gregl at csufresno dot edu


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          Bronwen has never self published I cant tell you anything about that.\Alistair
          Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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            I have written two books, Randolph's Shop and Building Shop. I am working on a third now which will be entitled, In Pursuit of the Perfect Shop. The first two are available from Village Press.


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              I have written seven books and self published them all.

              Your biggest hurdle will be distribution. Today, it is relatively easy to find ways to publish. There are many options, including places which will print them as they are needed, with a little more cost of course. But how to market them is another story. Selling a few hundred to friends, family and interested persons is quite easy. Selling thousands is rare. If a book sells 3,000 to 5,000 copies, it is considered a success.

              Find a good way to publish, but DON'T invest in thousands of copies to save money on the per unit cost, thinking that they will be easy to distribute. Books don't age well.
              VitŮŽria, Brazil


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                I was co-author of a book on passive solar energy. It was commissioned and published by the state of Nebraska. After it went out of print, the State put it up on their web site:

                For just a little more, you can do it yourself!