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Simple taper turning.

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    Tis a small world innit, if you need anything electrical or electronic sorting, then message me, thats my area.
    This is certainly one of the better forums, some of the others I tried are quiet, do you happen to know any myford groups Bill?, I've been looking.
    Been looking for ball ended centre drills, I dont have any, off to Rdg again.
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    Build it, bodge it, but dont buy it.


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      Always good to know where to find an electronics expert - not my area.

      You are probably aware of this group:

      Sometimes some useful information.

      You can use a ball end centre drill - this will produce a flared centre. You may not need one however. A large centre drill and a ball bearing retained with a bit of grease while you set the work up is quite feasible.

      If you have a boring head (small cheap Chinese is fine) you can use this to dial in the tailstock offset you need without disturbing the tailstock. If you do this you need to ensure that you keep the boring head slide horizontal.


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        No I didnt know about that, only problem is its yahoo, never liked them, still I joined and tried, lets ee what happens.
        Build it, bodge it, but dont buy it.


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          Turn it to "an advantage" make the scale on the cross slide. Just
          another interestiing job to do. :-)


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            Good idea that, I have a protractor with a bent ruler section, might make a good addition to the top slide.
            This is my newly aquired ML4, the smallest machine I've worked on.
            And a picture of the compound slide as I said.

            My scrap Ml4 has graduated scales on the compound slide, as soon as I can work out how to get them off I'll fit them too this.
            I hope this doesnt contradict forum rules but heres the other myford ML4, if anyone is interested in any parts off it, or the whole thing pm me.
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            Build it, bodge it, but dont buy it.