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Valve reboring question

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  • Valve reboring question

    I have an old one cyl engine head on my milling. I need to make a new insert for the valve stem that is not a problem . What tool I can use or built to make a new valve seat. 45 degree angle . There's no clearance to put an insert. The head is from a Stover style V 1.5 hp The old seat is very pitted

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    If it has a valve seating area, it has enough room for a insert valve seat...

    If it is too close to other valve, install seat in one, then machine into new seat to place other seat...

    I have a Stover CT, but have not pulled head yet It would run, if I had another Wico for it...

    For your use, a custom seat made from a good grade of steel will work fine.

    Anything is an improvement on plain ductile cast iron, for a valve seat. At 550 or 600 rpm, not a lot of heat or wear issues either...
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      Bguns is right on the way to do it. You can make a seat out of tool steel and harden it your self. Make it a .001"-.002" interference fit and heat the head and tap or drop the seat in place.

      The OD of the seat can be the same size as the OD of the valve head.
      It's only ink and paper


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        Unless I'm wrong, the question is how to re-cut the seat in the engine. Why wouldn't a boring bar with a HSS cutter work? Maybe a picture of the head would help.


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          It's hard to tell what he really wants.
          It's only ink and paper