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multi flute end mills do they work

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  • multi flute end mills do they work

    I saw this in enco part tb990-3060 do they work well and worth the money on sale for $65.95 Bret

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    To save everyone having to look it up:


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      Will they work, yes they will. Are they worth the money, yes if you need them. All endmills are multiflute other wise they would be a single point cutter. Is your mill powerful enough to use the 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" endmills? They aren't center cutting so you can't plunge cut with them. Plunge cutting that big may not be a good idea anyway. They are not good for cutting a slot or keyway on size.

      If you do a lot of odd milling it may be a good idea to have them. As a test look up the individual price of each one to see if your really saving any thing. Then weigh that against buying as needed since you can get them from Enco within two days standard shipping. Then ask yourself if you really need them that bad.
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        I dont have that set, but I have 3-4 large EM's (I & 1-14") that I have come across cheap and I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I use them. Mine are cheap, Chinese mfg (probably similar to the ENCO) and consequentially they wont stand up to any abuse -dont try to de-scale an old rusty scrap yard piece! - but for putting that nice final finish on the side of a thick piece, say 1" or so, they do a really good job.

        There is this caveat - mine will dull pretty easily but since I have a dedicated EM sharpener (Cuttermaster) I keep the ends in razor like edges. If you dont have a dedicated sharpener, it will probably make for a relatively short life span and take away much of the usefulness of them....

        That does look like a pretty decent price on that set and with free ship is tempting ---
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          I have several EM's in that size range and find them useful - mostly for boring. If I need a non-critical hole at the size of one of them, I use the EM to finish an already bored undersized hole.


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            I use large endmills like that for side milling. Though I really only need my one 3/4" endmill for that. Side milling with lots of flutes works well and leaves a good finish. Without much worry of chip buildup due to the fact when you side mill, you have a side or two free to toss chips at.
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