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I'm thinking of something heat resistant

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    Sounds like the best deal would be the strong backing material with a pattern of small, lightweight foamed silica tiles siliconed to it. There must be something that's similar to the shuttle tiles, but not capable, or required, to handle 2500 degrees. 600 seems pretty tame and should not need to be high tech or expensive.
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      How long is the duration of exposure to to 500°?
      The shorter the exposure time to this level of heat, the less chance your heat shield will be saturated with heat.
      Just trying to eliminate products that do not perform well to long term heat saturation periods without conducting or radiating heat to the user.

      Have you looked at thermal shielding used in the welding industries?
      Also a composite shield using material made from thermal heat shielding used to contain exhaust system heat exposure from critical nearby components is also an option. Think thermal blankets, but don't compress them too much.

      The end use of your application is a little vague to me so we are somewhat limited in exactly what to recommend. Items like allowable size, thickness, and whether flexibility is required would be helpful. But knowing what I do, I believe a composite shield will be your best option as it would incorporate key features that I think you may require.
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        Originally posted by Willy
        How long is the duration of exposure to to 500°?

        About 30 minutes to an hour.

        What about G-10 Garolite? The max temp is 300 degrees, which may be OK, but the ease of machining now becomes an issue. Several thru holes will need drilling to fasten an articulating (manually operated) arm/handle. Anyone have experience machining ? Thickness is 1/4 ", the price is right.


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          It may not be cheap but it will do the trick.

          Some other stuff I think called "Transite HT" may also work.


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            What about that stuff Evan lined his easy-bake oven with? A spray on silicone coating would make it pretty much waterproof.
            I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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              try exhaust coatings, like a plasma sprayed zirconia. Zircotec in the uk do this, not sure who would in the states.
              Make part from metal with holes etc then spray.

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                If the part is flat you can use multi layer sheet aluminum or even thin sheet stainless and leave an air gap between each layer that is open around the borders for air flow. Make sure that you put the shiny sides to the heat source and provide a little ventilation and it will work well.


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                  I'm missing an indication of what kind of "degrees" we are talking about.
                  That would help in finding suggestions.




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                    Metal with cavity (stainless sheet? Honeycomb aluminum? Avilable materials will depend if this needs to be food grade or not), idealy vacuum, like a theramos, else air will do.. more or less. Idealy fill with fibers or peralite or something to keep air from moving if not going to vacuum it.

                    I wonder what kinda temp graphite survives? Just kinda seems like it might be a high temp insulative material that could be machined.

                    Consider 2 part solutions, such as ceramics glued (There are glues, well, materials that act as glues (that 'water glass' stuff comes to mind, I think it can be used to glue things togethor by baking them) to a metal.

                    You can machine (Well, grind) ceramics with diamond coated tools btw :P they actualy are not that expensive these days..
                    Other options could be as simple as say, drywall or similar materials if strength is not important or you can reenforce with steel.
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