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Solvent wash tank outside. Fire?

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  • Solvent wash tank outside. Fire?

    I got tired of smelling the solvent tank and moved it outside on the west side of the building. I'm now thinking this may be a dumb idea as it could start fire when the sun heats it up in the summer. The solvent that is currently in it is PSC 1000. It says on the can the flash point is above 141F. Maybe I should move it back in the building or find some shade for it outside. Anyone else have their solvent tank outside?

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    141 F is the flash point, not the auto ignition point. For comparison, diesel 's flash point is only a couple of degrees more but it's auto ignition point is up around 410 F. I think you are good to go leaving your washer right where it is.
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      I think it's a fire hazard, but only if you have bored teenagers in the area........ That's why I'd want it locked up.
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        Yea definately put a lock on that. Even just a puny lock, enough to keep away bored mildly destructive teenagers.
        (Bored teenagers come in varying levels of destructiveness, some will only muck around with unsecured stuff, not 'break' into locked areas..)
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          If it is any sort of fire hazard it is better outside anyway!