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  • Oil on the slide!

    Slide way oil grooves, does it matter if they are 'open' at the extremities as it seems wrong to my mind to have them 'open'.
    When the oil is pumped in then if the grooves are 'open' there may be more oil to one side than the other.
    It would appear to me that the oil grooves should only be in the part that moves so that they are alwys covered and full pressure could ensue.
    I am aslo not to sure about the pressure valves and how they are supposed to equal out pressure in the oil system as if one of the lines is free running hows the oil to reach the others!

    I have tools I don't know how to use!!

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    Not quite sure what you mean there, but there are systems for dosing lube, made by such as bijur, enots and rebs, these little doofers take oil pressure from a pump and have a spring loaded cylinder with an adjustable end stop, every time the pump turns on, a measured amount of lube passes the doser and no more. This enables you to guarrantee that every part gets the required amount of lube, as much or as little as you like.
    Build it, bodge it, but dont buy it.


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      Well not very good at explaining, but if you look at the ways of a mill on some you can see the oil grooves but on others you cant.
      So I think the grooves should only be on the part that moves such that oil pushed into the oil ways can be filled whereas if they are open to the air the passage with the lowest resistance gets the most oil.
      The spring loaded units can only work if the oiling system can get some pressure which will be minimum if any are open.

      As I have not actually done this or seen it in action, I'm juct speculating before I mill grooves in mine, till then I will continue with the oilcan!

      I have tools I don't know how to use!!


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        yep know what you mean, the designers mustve thought of it though, if the ways travel enough the the lube will be wiped around, but not under pressure.
        Build it, bodge it, but dont buy it.


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          My oil grooves are not open to the ends. Therefore,the oil is forced to bleed out the sides of the slides when full,as it should.


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            My Bridgeport's saddle oil grooves, stop an inch from end of saddle.

            Wonder where Gwilson adds oil for His grooves


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              Central oiling system generally use metering restrictors in each line, of different values depending on the desired amount of oil. They generally incorporate a spring loaded check valve. The pump pressure is constant at the inlet to each. In addition to properly proportioning the oil, this prevents an open line from starving the other lines. I think the Bijur website might have a system description.
              Don Young