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New to me: Bridgeport Manual, Any Good

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  • New to me: Bridgeport Manual, Any Good

    Looks very comprehensive and detailed ..
    any of you guys know if its any good .do we know the author?

    A mate says it's about strip down of chinese head..(but looking at the samples it aint) ..and recomends it .

    all the best.markj
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    Bridgeport Resource Manual

    Hi Mark,
    I purchased a Bridgeport back in February and was fortunate enough to ask around here on the forum before I tore into it. One of the members suggested this book to me and I purchased it directly from the seller. I added a recent link below but I have no connection to the seller. I did notice an advertisement in HSM this month and its the same book.

    I have to tell you that this is absolutely the best resource I have ever seen for any machine I have come across. I highly recomend it and I can say that with some authority now because I have just completed the rebuild on my mill by following the manual and I have had no problems at all. I have no idea how long it would have taken me without it, but I probably would have screwed something up and installed all the bearings backwards, so it was definitly cheap insurance. It has very good instructions on the Bridgeport pulley model and takes each section step by step. It is almost all photos and shows how to take it apart, how to put it back together and how to adjust it. (it has nothing to do with a Chinese copy. Everything in the manual shows a real Bridgeport mill). I corresopnded with the seller a couple of times while I was working on the head and he was very helpful. I found out that he also wrote and published the manual so he not just a seller. Hope this helps others in my situation.


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      Othere Manuals

      I forgot to mention. The seller also has some similar manuals for 9" and 10" South Bend Lathes if anyone needs them but I can not speak to the quality of those since my lathe is a Harrison. They also appear to be well done.